Descendants of Harrison and Priscella Beaufort Bramlet

Harrison Bramlet was the son of a mulatto mother and the plantation owner. His wife, Priscella Beaufort, was the daughter of an African (slave) mother and a Cherokee father. They lived in Giles County, TN.

Lula Emma Amanda Bramlet
c 1881 - 1964
Daughter of Harrison and Priscella
Joseph, and wife Verna, Bramlet
Son of Harrison and Priscella
Margaret (c1898) and Roberta (c1902) Bramlet
Daughters of Harrison and Priscella
Theodore (c1896) Bramlet
Son of Harrison and Priscella

William Sevier (a son of Lula and also known by surname of stepfather Walter Clark), Roberta Bramlet and Theodore Bramlet had moved to California in "the teens" (were there by 1920 Census) to work in a restaurant owned by Walter and Lula (Bramlet) Clark. Prior to purchasing the restaurant, Walter and Lula (Bramlet) had been cooks in logging camps in: Flagstaff, Arizona, Chico, California and Big Bear California.

Photos provided by Gerald Bigelow

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