Reuben Thomas Bramblett Family Photo

Reuben Bramblett Family

Photo showing Reuben Thomas Bramblett and some family members. Below is the same photo but with each person numbered. If you can identify anyone, please e-mail me at mike-AT-bramblett-DOT-com and include the number in the phote and any/all information you have about the person(s).

Reuben Bramblett Family

1st row:#3 Sitting in chair - Reuben Thomas Bramblett, #11 Victor Bramlett, son of Gayther Franklin Bramlett who was son of Thomas Sylvester Bramlett, #12 is Gayther Franklin Bramlett,Jr., also son of Gayther Franklin Bramlett.#13 and #16 are Texanna and Savannah Bramlett,aunts of Reuben Thomas (I don't know which is which), #18 is Lissie Jane Bramlett, miece of R.T., #21 is Mary Arrendale, niece of R.T., #24 is LaFayette Bramblett, brother of R.T., #27 is Alza Hollifield Bramblett, wife of LaFayette, #31 is Elizabeth Powell Bramblett, wife of R.T. #14 is Bessie Elliott, wife of Arris Elliott, #15 is Arris Elliott, brother of Geletia Elliott Bramlett, #17 is Thomas Sylvester Bramlett, nephew of R.T. and LaFayette and husband of Geletia, #29 is Gayther Franklin Bramlett, Sr. and #30 is his wife Mildred Thompson Bramlett. I don't know the children in the front row but I am assuming they are his grandchildren except #11 and #12. The other adults are probably the children and their spouses of R.T. The ones I named were and are known to me. The only ones still living are #11 and #12 they are my father's brother's children and my 1st cousins. This was probably a birthday celebration for Reuben Thomas. Not all the people at the event can be seen in this photo.
Information provided by Betsy Smith on 08/08/10.

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