Children of William Henry Bramlett

Descendants of William Henry Bramlett

Eight children of William Henry Bramlett (11 February 1836--31 August 1887) and Martha Mathilda A. Gregg (29 January 1839--18 March 1889) and some of their family members. (Eight children identified below with boldface type.) Group photograph taken circa 1903-04 at the home of Sarah Malinda Bramlet and William C. "Billy" Neel in Saline Co., Ill. Photo courtesy of Kenneth Richard Bramlett and Ralph Bramlett.

William Henry descends from William I, Henry Sr., Henry Jr., Reuben, Henry "Harry"

Pictured, front row, from left: Louis Beasley, Clyde McGhee, Harold William Bramlett, Blanche Bramlett, Bernard Neel, Ruby McGhee, Gladys E. Bramlet, Edith Lillian Bramlet, Laura Beasley, Rex Beasley, Ralph Beasley, Glen Bramlet, William Hal Bramlet.

Middle row, from left: Burchard Neel, George R. Bramlett (twin of Benjamin, 25 May 1875--29 December 1959), Eliza (Burnett) Bramlett, Kenneth Richard Bramlett, John I McGhee, Mary Jane (Bramlett) McGhee (18 November 1863--17 February 1941), Lucy E. (Bramlett) Beasley (c 1873--1904), James Wiley Beasley, Thomas Wilson Bramlet (23 November 1866--4 August 1947), Sarah Malinda (Bramlet) Neel (1858-59--1942), William C. "Billy" Neel.

Back row, from left: Barney Neel, Elsie (Nash) Neel, Bessie (Neel) Mills, Nora Mills, Basil Neel, Joseph A. Bramlett (1868-70--2 June 1942), Raymond McGhee, Benjamin Bramlett (twin of George R., 25 May 1875--2 August 1945), Charles G. Bramlet (8 December 1877--22 November 1962), Julia (Westbrook) Bramlet holding son Ralph Westbrook Bramlet, Sara (Vineyard) Bramlet holding daughter Maude Bramlet, Hub Mills, Owen Reeder, Herman Mills. Some members of this family use the surname Bramlet while others use Bramlett.

Three other children of William Henry and Martha Mathilda A. (Gregg) Bramlett died before the photo was taken: Henry F. (23 May 1860--1 November 1864), Emily C. (26 May 1864--6 November 1865), and Francis "Frank" Gregg Bramlet (9 April 1862--31 May 1898) who never married.

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