Family Division

Number I.


REUBEN BRAMLET, fifth son of Pilgrim William Bramlet (See note 1.), was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, on March 15, 1757, and was a farm-born product. This being in an early day, school privileges were poor, but the ambition of the boy, along with other brothers, there being nine sons born to William's family, completing the sonship rank, but some died early in life. Possibly only seven lived to middle or old age, but this one, Reuben by name (See note 2.), had the desired ambition and make-up to be known in history, not only as one of this great family, as a forefather, but as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, from 1777 to 1781. He was three months under Captain Samuel Blackwell in 1777, in Colonel Armstead Churchill's Regiment, and three months of same year under Captain Berry, of Colonel Williamson's Regiment, and in 1781 he was three months under Captain Wm. Triplett, of Colonel Williamson's Regiment. After the war closed he came with his wife and three sons into Kentucky and later on, after raising a family in Kentucky, he came across the Ohio river into Illinois, and was the Reuben Bramlet who was known as a Kentuckian and to whom the first patent of land was deeded in 1827, signed by President John Quincy Adams, of which a copy of deed is recorded in this general writeup. Reuben was 20 years old when he entered the Revolution, and in 1832, while in Gallatin County, Illinois, he applied for a pension, and it was allowed. He was then 75 years old. No history of later date of Reuben than 1833, supposing he returned to Kentucky and there fell asleep in Jesus. The date of his death is unknown to writer, but being the first Pioneer Bramlet land owner of Southern Illinois when there was no Saline County, only Gallatin County, at that date. Later the territory was divided and Saline County was named. We, the offspring of Reuben, look back with pride to such a forefather.

"John Quincy Adams, President of the United States of America. To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Know ye, that Reuben Bramlet, of Gallatin County, Illinois, having deposited in the General Land Office, a certificate of the Register of the land office at Shawneetown, Illinois. Whereby it appears that full payment has been made for the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 25 in Township 8 south, Range 6 east, containing 80 acres. Of the land directed to be sold at Shawneetown, by the act of Congress, relative to the disposal of the public lands in Illinois. There is granted by the United States, in pursuance of the act of Congress, in that case provided, unto the said Reuben Bramlet, and to his heirs, the half quarter section of land above described: To have and to hold the said half quarter section of land, with the appurtenances, unto the said Reuben Bramlet and his heirs and assigns forever.

In Testimony Thereof, I have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given under my hand at the City of Washington, the seventeenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the fifty first. By the President. J. Q. Adams."

"Recorded in Volume 8, Page 1."

1. Reuben was the son of Henry Jr., a son of Heny Sr., a son of William Sr.

2. Again with the nine sons for William, and again, Reuben was not a son of William -- any William.

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