Family Division

Number VII.


"The Middle Tennessee Brach

ENOCH BRAMLET, a Pioneer son of Pilgrim William [See note 1.], (emigrated from Virginia, his birth place, into Georgia state. He married and raised his family in Georgia. He settled in the new state, when it possibly was only a Territory, though exact date is not given., but it was more than one hundred years ago. Enoch was a farmer and lived to know the hardships of the early settlers, He was the father of six boys -- James, John, Newton, Henry, Joel and Enoch, Jr. The history given in this sketch does not touch all the six sons of Pioneer Enoch, but only one branch of the old tree, and that is of the second son, John Bramlet. This John Bramlet, when grown, left Georgia and went into Tennessee, known as Middle Tennessee, Bedford County. He, like other relatives, sought out a companion. This union was blest with two sons, James Bramlet and J. A. Bramlet. No history is given of J. A. Bramlet, except he has a son, J. M. Bramlet, in Fresno, California. But James produces a strong line of offspring -- four sons, John B. Bramlet, G. D. Bramlet, F. A. Bramlet and J. K. Bramlet. No history on G. D., deceased, but F. A. Bramlet, now also deceased, has three sons living in Bedford County Tennessee. No history on these boys; may get some later. J. R. Bramlet, the fourth son of James Bramlet, has two sons living in Coffee County, Tennessee, near Hillsboro. No history on these boys' lives. John B. Bramlet, the oldest of the four sons of James, is yet living in or near Wartrace, Tenn., and is in his 76th year. A letter from him fails to give occupation of any of them. He has one son, E. C. Bramlet, who lives in Columbus, Ga.. John B. says he has ten grandchildren but no names are given. They live, six in Texas, two in Florida, one in Alabama, and one in Tennessee. It is also believed that one of this Tennessee family removed into Mississippi, but this is not authenticated by the writer. No history connection has been secured for this family write-up, and no direct communication with the family in Florida, but several Bramlets reside in Florida. This John Bramlet, second son of Enoch, was a Baptist preacher. Rev. E. C. Bramlet, of near Dallas, Tex., is a Baptist preacher, but no history at hand of his family. Another Bramlet, living in Dallas, is a lawyer by profession and practice. No history on his family. Judge Bramlet of Bonham, Texas, later removed to Austin, Texas. He has a son, but no trace of him, nor was his name learned. Years ago one of the pioneers of Virginia settled in Texas. The writer has two brothers in Texas, at Sherman.

East Tennessee Branch

JOHN M. BRAMLET, was born in Rhea County, Tennessee, in 1848, and lived 68 years. He was a farm-born product by precept and example. He obtained a fair common school education of his day and lived and died on the farm. In early manhood he made peace with God, attached himself to the church and became an active church worker, and soon was speaking in public. Years came and won't and John Bramlet was known and noted as a Baptist preacher. He became instrumental in the power of the Gospel as a pulpit preacher. His occupation was farming; his calling was preaching and many souls were saved under his ministry. The Christian is one made so by the grace of God. John M. Bramlet's death came July 81, 1916. He left a family to mourn his absence. His life as a man, as a minister, as a father and husband, still lives in the lives of those yet living. A Mrs. Lewis stated to writer that she had heard him preach many a sermon, and that he was one who lived in a day and time when men and women knew no better than to get down on their knees to pray, but never did know enough to believe the sinner could be saved by the changing of his natural or historical mind, as some teach and preach today. John Bramlet's reward is resented in Heaven. He had four sons -- Jesse, Thomas, Jackson and William, All living but William.

THOMAS BRAMLET, a son of Elder John Bramlet. Failing to get direct communication with Thomas, I can only give such history as given me by a friend of his. One fact of this son: he was born on the farm and had the training and discipline of farmer parents. His schooling was in keeping with the laws of Tennessee and in obedience to his parents' wishes. Therefore, an advancement in school work along with farm labor. Tom was not neglected in getting special training along Bible lines. His work and life still prove his early training, as he is a teacher in the public schools, handing out to other children some facts planted in his life when he was a school lad. No facts learned of his family or other branches of his industry. But traits are to be observed all down the line with very few exceptions, of this great family, are honesty, thrift, loyal citizenship and belief in a higher power than man. Later the writer received a letter from Thomas, giving facts. His older brother, Jesse, is living, but have no history of his station in life nor his family. Jackson, third son of John M. Jack is living but no history on his past life except his birth, a Tennessee-born chap and farm-raised, which denotes thrift. No better people than the Tennesseeans. William, fourth son of John M. Bramlet, of whom nothing is given except his death,

SILAS BRAMLET, a brother of Elder John M. Silas was born in Rhea County, Tennessee, a farmer lad. He lived most all his life on the farm, which meant work. In his young manhood days, his choice was made of a life companion, remaining on the farm until his family was raised. He then left the farm, locating in Evansville, Tenn. He purchased a restaurant and tried that line of work the remaining days of his life. He left a family. Silas had four sons-Charles, the oldest, living in Kentucky; no special history on Charles or family. Walter, Mart and Mason, the three younger sons, with their mother, moved to Akron, Ohio, after the death of their father and husband. These three sons are all railroad men but their line or station of work is not known by the writer. The fact is given that this set of Bramlets occupy stations in life as farmers, merchant, teacher, railroad men and minister. All are Baptists, which is a stronghold of Bible teaching and practice among our entire family name. It is believed that many of us will meet in Heaven, who never knew each other on earth. This historical work will give information of family kindred, possibly, that would have never been known.

THOMAS BRAMLET, A brother of Eld. John M. and Silas. Their father is not known by the writer, nor has his name been learned or given by his grandson, who gives this information. Tom, as called, is still living. He was born in Rhea County, Tennessee, and knew the hills of East Tennessee. This branch of the family came through ancestry from Virginia, and a number have passed on to their long home. Thomas now lives in Willmer, Dallas County, Texas, but his station or occupation in life are not given. He has one son, whose name is John, but no history given of him.

WILLIAM BRAMLET, The youngest brother of John M. another Tennessee boy by birth, but how long he lived is not given. Nothing is known on his life, short or long, but he has passed on to his reward. His record is better known in heaven than by the writer of his earthly life. Blessings on his memory.

Georgia and Alabama Branch

PIONEER JOHN BRAMLET, A grandson of Pilgrim William. John, when a young man, left Virginia for South Carolina. Then later he passed on into Georgia, near Gainesville, in the mountains, where gold was being mined. He married and raised his family in Georgia. He lived on a farm and knew but little except farming and stock raising. His going into Georgia was over 100 years ago. He died on the farm at a ripe old age, his religious belief unknown. His education was limited, but he made good in the world as a farmer, citizen, husband and father. He had four sons -- Robert, Rufus, James and Richard. These boys were born and raised on a farm in Georgia. Their schooling was limited to work. Their religion was the golden rule.

ALBERT BRAMLET, The oldest son of John, grew up to manhood and married, raising his family of two sons -- Joseph and William. These boys are not known in manhood days, but I suppose they died in early life. Robert, known as Bob, lived to a ripe old age and died in Georgia, being 84 years old. He has been dead five years this 1923. Blessings to his memory.

RUFUS BRAMLET, Second son of John, Little is known of this boy, believing he died young.

JAMES BRAMLET, Third son of John, a Georgia born lad, grew to manhood in that state, and had some schooling of his day. When grown, he went into Alabama, married and raised his family in Alabama. He was the father of three sons -- Devers, Finas and Augustus, James lived the rest of his days as a farmer and died at the age of 60 years. At this date, 1923. he would have been 73 years old.

DEVERS BRAMLET, The oldest son of James, is still living in Alabama, but no direct communication concerning him. Therefore, very little can be said of him in this write-up. But it is to be hoped he has made peace with God, and that he can say "I know that my Redeemer liveth."

FINAS BRAMLET, Second son of James, is reported living but no history of him or his family was secured. Finas is making good in the world and has learned of a Savior. Blessings on him and his kindred is the writer's prayer.

AUGUSTUS BRAMLET, Third son of James. Gus, as he is called, is a son by a second wife. He still lives in Alabama, and is believed to have a family, but no direct history of his offspring. It is reasonable to suppose he has thrift and some of the family traits, which means fair success in the world. No report is given of his education or religion, but again the writer is hoping he and his family know of Jesus Christ personally.

RICHARD BRAMLET, Fourth son of Pioneer John, was born on his father's farm in the state of Georgia, learned the art of work and had some schooling of his early day. When about grown he went into Alabama and changed his occupation from farmer to coal mining. Dick, as people called him, spent about 38 years as a coal digger and loader. He still lives and is past 70 years of age. He retired from coal mining twelve years ago. He married at the age of 24 years, and raised his family in Alabama. Dick has three sons -- Paul, Edgar and Rufus. It is hoped Richard knows of a Savior and that his last days in honoring a Creator. Blessings to Richard Bramlet.

RUFUS BRAMLET, Oldest son of Richard, was born in Alabama. He had some schooling in books in home life, and in mining, as he learned the art of mining while young and followed it until death, which came by a kick of a mule. At the time of his death he was a mine foreman and was 33 years old. He was a married man with family, one son, David Bramlet. Rufus left a widow and two daughters also. The widow re-married in Alabama and removed to Eldorado, Illinois, where she and family now reside. David, the son, lives with his mother and works at Segrave mine as a driver. He completed his high school work and is able to grow into greater usefulness.

PAUL BRAMLET, Second son of Richard, was born in Alabama and lived there forty years. His work after leaving school was coal digging. In 1921 he left Alabama for Kentucky, where he had a position as mine manager, taking his family with him. They reside in Pineville. Paul has two sons, Sinkler [Sinclaire]and Paul, Jr.

SINKLER [Sinclaire] BRAMLET, Oldest son of Paul, Sr., was born in Alabama and had good schooling there, but since moving to Kentucky he has finished high school work at the age of 19 years. Sinkler is now able to get out and mix with the best of the world and know the lick it takes to earn bread and butter. May his days in future life be profitable.

PAUL BRAMLET, JR., Second son of Paul, Sr., a son to be proud of, an Alabaman by birth who spent some good school days in that state. He went into Kentucky where he entered high school and where he can get good training, for Kentucky is a state to be proud of. It is to be hoped Paul, Jr., will make good in his high school work and strive to go onward and upward to obtain the best which is none too good for him. We have here in Eldorado, Illinois, a Paul Bramlet in high school and about the same age. These boys of today are to be the men of tomorrow. Blessings on the boys.

EDGAR BRAMLET, Third son of Richard. Ed was born in Alabama and still lives in that state. He is a married man and now is 38 years old. Edgar has followed mining ever since he became grown, and at present is a mine manager or foreman. He owns his home and looks forward to better days. He has two boys to bless his home, Edgar, Jr., and Cleo.

EDGAR BRAMLET, JR., Oldest son of Edgar, Sr., an Alabaman and a school boy ten years of age. He is a boy to be proud of for only ten years of age. it is hoped by relatives that Edgar grows to be a man of importance in the home and in the school room. He is a favorite with associates. Blessings on this lad for good.

CLEO BRAMLET, Second son of Edgar, Sr., another Alabama boy and a pride of his mother. He is just entering school at the age of six years, and his work is in the future. Prosperity is his to strive for and the world is his to make use of. May the boy do good and be good is the prayer of the writer.

The South Carolina Branch

HENRY BRAMLET, JR., A son of Henry, Sr., who was a son of Pilgrim William Bramlet. Henry, Sr., was born in Virginia, but when grown went into South Carolina, married and raised his family there. Henry Bramlet, Jr., was born in South Carolina in 1806, and died February 20, 1861, in Illinois. Henry, Jr., had two brothers, Joseph and Larcon Bramlet. They came into Illinois at the same time. We have no history on Joseph and Larcon's lives after coming to Illinois. Henry, Sr., had two: sons. W. H. Bramlet, born August 30, 1830; died April 21, 1871. He married and was the father of one daughter who now lives in Maunee, Illinois, and her name is Hart. James Bramlet, born March 26, 1832; died December 1, 1860. No special history is given of James, no statement of his ever being married.

SIDNEY P. BRAMLET, Third son of Henry, Jr. Sid settled in White County, Illinois, near Carmi and married and raised his family there. He enlisted in Co. H, 48th Illinois Infantry, and served his country as a soldier from 1862 to 1865. Sidney was born November 4, 1834; died December 20, 1869. He left a wife and two sons, William Henry, 3 years old, and Samuel, 20 months old. These two boys grew up in and around Carmi, Illinois.

WILLIAM HENRY BRAMLET, Oldest son of Sidney, was born near Carmi, Illinois, July 6, 1866. His father died when Henry was only 3 years old. The boy knew nothing of a father. He grew up under very poor circumstances and got but little schooling in books, but learned some unnecessary things out of school which led him in a wrong direction. Henry was never married, but lived to be a grown man, losing his eyesight before he died in 1894.

SAMUEL BRAMLET, Second son of Sidney. Sam was born April 25, 1868, and was 20 months old at his fathers death. This boy never remembered his father, but was 3ared for as best a mother could in those days. Sam grew up to be a good rustling boy, had some schooling and had an extra quantity of nerve. He learned when a boy to look out for Sam. Although he was never large when a grown-up man, his ambition and nerve helped to carry him along. After he married he lived one year on a farm near Ingram Hill, southeast of Harrisburg, Illinois, but left there and went back to Carmi, thence to Evansville, Indiana. His children mostly grew up in Evansville. He worked at public works until death, April 30, 1914.

WILLIS E. BRAMLET, Oldest son of Samuel, born November 11, 1889. This boy was the first and one to be proud of by his parents. His home life and schooling had more and better advantages than those of his father, but to be sure this boy learned both in and out of school. Most of his life has been in the city where he now lives, and his work all along has been variable jobs. At present, 1923, he works in a packing plant in Evansville, Indiana. He and his wife have no son, and his age is 34 years. It is hoped that Willis does not forget his Creator, and that he lives to know of Him as a Savior.

CORBETT C. BRAMLET, Second son of Samuel, and a boy up and down and all along the line. Corbett C. was born May 3, 1893. His schooling and training were good along some lines, but this lad never was an idle chap. He always meant to do something, and after leaving school he developed a taste for the moving picture business. He soon learned the art of slides and how to handle the film machine. The writer was in his father's home when Corbett was not yet grown, and he was as busy as a bee running a picture show. He has stayed with it, and at present is in Los Angeles, California, operating a moving picture show. His age is 30 years and he is married.

HARRY C. BRAMLET, Third son of Samuel. This boy was born August 19, 1896, and died July 5, 1918. Harry never was as strong as his brothers, nor did he get the schooling, but the home seemed dear to him, and being the baby one, he got more or less attention from the older ones, there being five children of this family. Although Harry never was a strong lad and never had the ambition to go up against the hardest jobs, yet he willingly handled the lighter work. He dearly loved his mother, as all boys should. Since his death, his mother has again married and lives in Johnston City, Illinois

WILLIS BRAMLET, Fourth son of Henry, Jr., was born September 20, 1837, and died January 26, 1892. He belonged to Co. H, 48th Infantry, from 1862 to 1832, one year in the service. After coming to Illinois with other brothers, Willis settled north of McLeansboro, and raised his family there. He was a farmer and left the farm with surviving children. Two sons were born, who still live on the farm. Truly, these old pioneers lived in a day of many hardships, and wedged out a way in opening up farms and building homes, which makes it easier for their offspring.

WILLIAM S. BRAMLET, Oldest son of Willis, a farm boy, as usual. He came into the world without clothes on, but how soon his little body was clothed in warmth and comfort. William failed to remember about the occasion, although he was present. Another fact was that William could cry, and soon he was laughing some. 0, what a pleasure to parents to see the baby smile and coo. Well, other facts: This boy was soon walking, talking and then saying a b c and spelling and reading. His school days were fewer than they should have been, but some things were learned in and out of school. William grew up to know farm work and life, but in older years he has failing health. Several years ago William came into the writer's place of business and let himself be known. We talked, he went on his way, and for some years the writer heard nothing from him, but later in due time a letter came from his brother, James S., reporting of the family this connected history. Trusting William's health improves so he can attend the family reunion on June 29, 1924, the writer prays God's blessings on his heart and life.

JAMES S. BRAMLET, Second son of Willis. Jim was born March 5, 1871. This lad is one who was accepted by his parents as an heir to all that's good in a home. Another boy came to bless the home, and his youthful days were truly spent in the home and school room. Jim meant to do and be one who would care for self and all that was of profit to a home life. Growing up On the farm, he learned the real act of farm labor and how an income was possessed. Many hours of hot and cold days have been experienced by him in preparing seed and planting, cultivating and harvesting the fruit of labor, which year by year brings wealth, health and pleasure along with age. But who can tell when the wind bloweth where it listeth and the sound can be heard, from whence does it some and whither does at go?. As the understanding of the coming and going of the wind, so with those who are born of the Spirit. Marvel not, Jesus said, ye must be born again. What is life and who gives and takes life? That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Reader, let us pray.

WILLIS BRAMLET, JR., son of James. This farm-born son was born October 9, I903, the first heir in this home. Happy were the parents, yet at birth life is just begun, and whether it be long or short in this world, every parent has a duty to perform in rearing, caring for and training their children. This boy is supposed to be an average of the boys brought up on the farm. The best men of earth were brought up on the farm and the farm is the best place on earth to rear children, boys or girls. Willis is now A Grown young man, 20 years old, and like most young men at his age, does some looking about for the fairer sex, to see whether or not his taste or fancy way be suited. When this time comes, carefulness is in order. Haste makes waste in many things to be regretted. Marriage should be for life, and it is intended so, but a besmudged union proves a disunion. Young man, study to show thyself a workman, worthy of the best, and don't be satisfied with less than the good, pure, peaceable and easy to be entreated. Blessings on Willis, Jr.

SAMUEL BRAMLET, SR., a Mexican war veteran, a cavalry soldier. We failed to get his birthplace or the date of his birth. He was a married man and had one son, Samuel, Jr. This Samuel, Jr. grew to be a man and was united in marriage to a relative, Mollie Hammontree. Her mother was Adaline Bramlet, a sister to Willis Bramlet, whose sons live north of McLeansboro, Illinois. Samuel Bramlet, Jr., was the father of two sons. Henry, the oldest, is in the regular army. No history is given as to where these boys were born or raised. Thomas Bramlet, the youngest son of Samuel, Jr., was a soldier in the world war, and returned to White County, Illinois, after the war closed. He now lives north of Carmi, and is believed to be a farmer. The writer never knew these boys, but learned of them through relatives.

THOMAS BRAMLET, A son of Henry, Jr., and a brother of Willis, Sr. Thomas was born in South Carolina, August 28, 1846, and died November 10, 1920. Reports failed to state where he died, or whether he had any family.. Therefore, no sketch given, except as stated.

1. Enoch was the son of William, son of Henry Sr., son of William Sr.

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