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December 20, 1998 - March 14, 1999

E-mail: Patrick J. McCann
From: Dallas, TX Date:14 Mar 1999
Comments: : I have a great grandfather (Ambrose Bramblett Holsapple). Mark, thanks for the tip about this site.
E-mail: Donna Anderson
From: Utah Date: 13 Mar 1999
Comments: What a wonderful web page! I am descended from Mae Bell Bramblett whose father was Walter Scott Bramblett (1882 Henry Co KY) whose father was George Edward Bramblett (1851 Henry County KY) whose father was Fielding Bramblett (1814 Henry County KY). I don't have any information on the parents of Fielding Bramblett except the census records list the birthplace of his father as Virginia. I am interested in any information on this line. Thanks, Donna.
E-mail: Larry Bramblette Young
From: Pfafftown, NC Date: 10 Mar 1999
Comments: In Response to your post of 10 Mar 1999. Denise Bramblett Ellis - I have information for you on John G. Bramblett. Please contact me at: my e-mail.
E-mail: Denise Bramblett Ellis
From: Owenton, KY 40359 Date: 10 Mar 1999
Comments: I am a descendant of John G. Bramblett whose father may have been Thomas G. Bramblett. I was given John's Bible and in it are his children. Reuben Bramblett (Daddy Rube) was my g-grandfather. He was married to Ada Bea Riddle from the Minorsville area of Scott Co. There are also Brambletts buried there. My paternal grandmother told me that Reuben and Ada were distant cousins. I am interested in sharing information on the Brambletts as there is only one living sibling of my grandfathers still alive.
E-mail: Joyce Bramblett Floyd
From: Gatesville, Tx 76528 Date: 06 Mar 1999
Comments: I'm the daughter of Omer and Annie Alberta Bramblett. Omer was the son of William Nix and Addie Laura Welch Bramblett. Omer's grandfather was Joseph Henry Bramblett.
E-mail: Ron Bramlett
From: Nashville, Tenn Date: 01 Mar 1999
Comments: : I run track for Middle Tennessee State U. I go to the NCAA Indoor Champs on Friday,March 5. If I make the final, I will be on T.V. Watch me!!! Cool web site.
E-mail: Clayton S. Bramblett
From: Victorville, CA Date: 28 Feb 1999
Comments: I am the grandson of Corbett. F. Bramblett cousin of Dr. Rupet Bramblett in Georgia. I was told of a James R. Bramblett he is my GGG Grandfather and would like to know more about him.Thank you for any help you can give.
E-mail: Karen Krusich
From: Adrian, Michigan Date: 25 Feb 1999
Comments: Hi! I am the daughter of Carl Bramlet and Dolores Ritch. I married Stephen Krusich. My grandfather's name was William Graham Bramlett and his wife was Odell Ruth Brown. My great frandfather's name is Thomas E. Bramlett of north Alabama. He was born in 1880 and died in 1946. I have been told that I have some relatives in Alabama. Would be glad to hear from them.
E-mail: Larry Bramblette Young
From: Pfafftown, NC originally Montgomery Co., Indiana Date: 02 Feb 1999 09:12 AM
Re: Martin Bramlett. Martin Bramlett, son of Hugh Bramlett,and husband of Amelia Estes (Pamelia Estis)born Ca 1784 of Va...resided in Scott Co., Ky. Had 14 children, one of which was LEANNA (1809). LEANNA born in Ky married Uriel Burroughs in 1827, they moved to Montgomery Co., Indiana. LEANNA dided April 17, 1848, Urile and LEANNA buried in Shannondale Cem., Montgomery Co., Indiana. LEANNA is my great great grandmother. Some of Martin and Amelia's Children: Hugh,Leanna,Dau,Robert E., Martin P., dau, Thomas J. dau, ruben, Catherine, Louisa(?) John G, son, dau. (this data has NOT been completely documented). Offered for information only.
E-mail: Darin S. Bramblett
From: Spokane, WA Date: 01 Feb 1999 01:56 PM
Just thought I would check out this website. My dad's name is Melford Douglass Bramblett and his dad's name is Corbett Ford Bramblett. That's as far back as I know.
E-mail: June Miller-Peck
From: Ohio in the summer/Florida in the winter Date: 30 Jan 1999 07:52 PM

E-mail: David M. Bramblett
From: Houston. Tx. Date: 30 Jan 1999 04:12 PM

E-mail: R L Crane
From: Boone County,Lebanon,IN 46052-1130 Date: 28 Jan 1999 04:55 PM
Hello From Boone Co,IN I am reseaching my husband's line: .Leanna Bramblett b ca 1820 in KY m ca 1844 to Uriel Burroughs. Leanna d Apr 17,1848 in Montgomery Co,IN Would appreciate hearing from others that have a connection to this family or have additional info. Thanks, Rita Crane. PS Larry Young suggested that I visit your great web site!
E-mail: Patricia Cantrell
From: Columbus, GA Date: 28 Jan 1999 03:11 PM
Thoroughly ENJOYED this site!!! Thanks so much for putting it here!! Have gotten more names of my Bramblett ancestors from here! I am descended as follows: me, Jake CANTRELL, Luner Elizabeth CHAPPELL, William Martin CHAPPELL, Terrissa GANTT, Martin GANTT, Nancy BRAMBLETT, Reueben BRAMBLETT, JR., Reuben BRAMBLETT, SR., Henry BRAMBLETT, SR., William BRAMBLETT. (This is according to the gedcom trees. I had up to Reuben Jr., so I found a wealth of info on this site!!!Thanks again.
E-mail: Larry Bramblette Young
From: Pfafftown, NC Date: 28 Jan 1999 08:13 AM
Thanks for the WEB SITE Mark.Leanna Bramblett (abt 1820) married Uriel Burroughs (abt 1815) in Indiana. Her father was Martin Bramlett (abt 1746 from Va) and her mother was Amelia Estes or Estis (abt 1789 from Va) They were married in Scott/Bourbon/Owens Co. Ky. Leanna Bramblett was born in Ky.Loking for more info on Uriel Burroughs (prob Beford Co., VA.
E-mail: Holly Bramblett Doyal
From: Birmingham, AL Date: 25 Jan 1999 04:04 PM
What a great web site! It's nice to know I can go to one source to find information on my family.
E-mail: Sandy Bramblett Wilborne
From: Stoneville, NC Date: 25 Jan 1999 02:54 PM
Just surfing the web and found this site !!! How neat!!
E-mail: Deb Dennis
From: Lake Bracken, Galesburg, Ill. Date: 22 Jan 1999 03:13 PM
I found some Bramlette TREASURES online recently...A GORGEOUS portrait of GOV. THOMAS E. BRAMLETTE of Kentucky, courtesy of Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives, at and a GORGEOUS photo of CAPT. WILLIAM PETER BRAMLETTE of Kentucky, courtesy of Geoff Walden, at CHECK THEM OUT!!
E-mail: Ronald D. Pogue
From: Houston, Texas Date: 22 Jan 1999 08:39 AM
I am researching several families from early VA, including Bachelor, Sanbourne, Jordan, Brasseur, George, Cole.
E-mail: sheri callaway
From: indaina Date: 21 Jan 1999 01:16 PM
I am looking for information about the callaway family. I can only go back so far. I would like an help that you know about the callaway's or were I could get information at.
E-mail: R Crane
From: Boone Co,Lebanon,IN Date: 17 Jan 1999 07:33 PM
Searching for ancestors of Leanna Bramblett b ca 1820 in KY m ca 1840 to Uriel Burroughs. Believe they resided in Montgomery Co,IN
E-mail: Sandra Riemersma
From: Wenatchee, Washington Date: 13 Jan 1999 06:29 PM
I started doing family research almost two years ago. I have found that I am the great granddaughter of James Marion Valentine and Mary Nancy Bramlet (daughter of Francis "Clayton Bramlet and Martha Ellen Tower). The first person I found was my father's cousin Ruth Hardman living in Tacoma. She is a granddaughter of James and Mary Valentine. She has written a wonderful book that helped to learn about the Bramlet's. This is all very exciting for me as I grew up without any ties to the Valentine family because of a divorce when my father was a baby. My father grew up as an only child and I am shocked now to see the huge family I actually have. I would love to hear from any and all. God Bless!!
E-mail: lynn bramlett davis
From: Tucson Arizona Date: 12 Jan 1999 06:21 PM
I don't havbe alot of information, Iam currently just looking. And trying to put something together. Ira Bramlett born in fulton, ga in or about 1918 was our father. He had a brother named John C Bramlett born about 1912. There father name was John C Bramlett alos born about 1887 There mother's name was Nellie she also was born about 1887 If anyone has anything to go with this onformatin we sure would apprecate it.
E-mail: Larry Bramblette Young
From: Pfafftown, NC Date: 10 Jan 1999 03:20 PM
Correction to Prev Entry: John Burroughs married Emma Jane Endicott. Leanna Bramblett was married to Uriel Burroughs, she was my great-great grandmother. Leanna cira 1810-1815.Uriel cira 1805-1815, both from Bedford/Botecourt Co. Va.
E-mail: Larry Bramblette Young
From: 5770 Sweetbriar Rd Pfafftown NC 27040 Date: 10 Jan 1999 02:28 PM
My Grandfater was Clareville Bramblette Burroughs, his father was John Henry Burroughs who was married to Leanna Bramblett. they came to Boone Co. Indiana around 1828 from Virginia via Scott Co. Kentucky.
E-mail: Eric W. Anderson
From: Lehi, Utah Date: 04 Jan 1999 11:04 PM
Grandmother was Mae (Bramblett) Lute, great, etc... grand daughter of William Bramblett.
E-mail: mark bramlett
From: louisiana Date: 03 Jan 1999 04:11 PM
Just stopping by to say hello to all the Bramletts, Brambletts and etc.,and I would still love to here from all of you and hear about your part of the Bramlett Family.and would like to have any info. on Reuben Bramlett who lived and was buried in Dalton Ga.
E-mail: Mark Bramlett Sr. and Family
From: Blanchard,Louisiana Date: 02 Jan 1999 11:06 PM
We are looking for info. on our family so that we can get started on our family tree.We would love to here from any of you
E-mail: Jim Keith
From: St. Louis area Date: 01 Jan 1999 05:48 PM
Hi There, I have a family group photo taken approximately 1904 in Pourm, OK. There are over 30 people in the photo and I have been able to identify most of them, but have little info on some of the others. One young fellow, maybe early teens is listed as WILEY BRAMLETT, "Marthas boy." I suppose this Martha is MARTHA KEITH b 1867, married (?) Bramlett and later married a Will Fortenberry. I do not have any further info on WILEY or his father. Sure could use some help. Thanks
E-mail: Chandler Bramlett
From: Bartlett,Tn. Date: 31 Dec 1998 06:29 PM
Just stopping by to tell all the Bramletts,Brambletts,etc. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
E-mail: Marie Hamilton
From: Baton Rouge, LA Date: 30 Dec 1998 04:53 PM
What a fabulous website! Ive experienced more family history here this morning that ever before. I descend from Ambrose Ballard and Jenny Woodson, to John Bramlett and Mary, to John Quince Bramlett and Jane to Mary Blanche Bramlett (1896-1958) and Roy McClellan (1894-1967), the former being my grandparents. Thanks to all those hardworking researchers out there!
E-mail: Janet Adkins
From: Washington Date: 27 Dec 1998 04:53 PM
I am researching the Peak family. Your site came up in my search
E-mail: Chandler Bramlett
From: Oxford ,Ms. Date: 20 Dec 1998 09:19 PM
Just stopping by to check on any new family

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