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January 5 - March 20 1998

Name: Chandra Bramlett
Referred by: Net Search
From: Akron, OH (go to school in Indianapolis, IN)
Time: 1998-03-20 16:35:17
Comments: I always wondered if 'those other Bramlet, Bramblett, Bramlette's' were related or not! I had always heard that supposedly everyone named "Bramlett" was related but I had no idea that all of the different spellings were related too, how neat! I will send you a copy of a familiy tree that a close relative has done on the Bramlett family. It won't help you connect the older generations because it doesn't go back very far but it might help a bit. Please send me your 'snail mail' address so I can send you a copy (maybe you can scan it onto your page). Good luck and keep up the great work!Sincerely, your relative, Chandra Bramlett

Name: Joseph Todd Bramlet
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Payson Arizona
Time: 1998-03-17 03:03:11

Name: Hazel Kimbrell
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: South Carolina
Time: 1998-03-15 16:39:47
Comments: Mike, Just dropped in to check out your work. It looks great. Maybe someday I will figure out this computer stuff and I can create one for the TENCH family line.

Name: Deb Dennis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Galesburg, Ill.
Time: 1998-03-11 17:33:51
Comments: Lookin' good, Mike. Keep up the good work. Love, Deb

Name: Tom Mitchell
Website: none
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Missouri
Time: 1998-03-09 00:28:04
Comments: Untill a few years ago, I considered my Grandmother(deceased) to be a Brumley. doing some checking I determined that my gg grandfather was married in 1818 in GA, under the name of Bramlet. the name has evolve over the years to Bramley,Bromley,Brumley.Burial sPACE IN SAVANAH ,TN has several spellings

Name: Vicki Bramlett Rutland
From: Aiken,SC
Time: 1998-03-03 21:04:29
Comments: I have just begun my search. My father (James E.) is from the Greenville Co. Area of SC. I have searched back to my GGGrandfather Reuben, who joined the F co. of the SC Vounteers (16th regiment) in 1861.

Name: Patti Elaine Bramlett
From: Hemet, California now in Oklahoma City, OK
Time: 1998-03-03 01:47:00
Comments: Thanks for the general e-mail re: the Bramlett (et al). As you stated, it's us "older" : ) folk who start thinking about things like this. Don't have much info now but will try to get back at some time Look forward to reading more.Patti Bramlett

Name: Janette Marie Bramlett
From: Memphis, Tennessee!
Time: 1998-03-02 19:11:00
Comments: This is one of the coolest things I've seen! Mike Bramblett emailed me with news of this site. The coolest by far is to see the number of "colored" Union soldiers in the Bramlett/Bramblett family. And the number of native American Bramlett links. My granddaddy wasn't making that part up (well, maybe the Princess part was a tall tale...)I was pleased to see my Uncle John's book posted - Bull Bramlett. My dad tried to write another version (he disagreed with my Uncle's line) and unfortunately he never got past the first three chapters. Thanks for all this work. Very very cool! Jan Bramlett Santa Monica, CA

Name: Leigh Bramlett Sears
From: Winder, Georgia
Time: 1998-03-01 21:06:00
Comments: Nice to see someone so interested in tracing our family roots!

Name: Jane Ann Bramlett
From: Ardmore, Oklahoma
Time: 1998-02-28 19:03:00
Comments: I am elated to finally find some relatives. Robert Marshall Bramlett, Sr. was our father. I am the youngest of three siblings. My eldest brother "Bob", Robert Marshall Bramlett, Jr., lives in Ardmore as well. My second brother "Rick", Richard Randall Bramlett, lives in Tulsa with his family. Rick told me of your web site in early January. I gathered what little information that Bob and I had. I do hope that it was of some value. If we can be of any other help, please let me know.

Name: Danny Joe Bramlett
From: Clinton, Arkansas
Time: 1998-02-28 05:41:00
Comments: My Great Grandfather came to Arkansas from Georgia in the early 1900's. My Grandfather, David Cisroe, was just a child when they moved here. Grandpa Bramlett (now deceased)had several brothers and sisters but I don't recall exactly how many. I did know one of his brothers, Monroe Bramlett (deceased). Grandpa married Mary Gardner and they had 9 children; 3 boys and 6 girls; Mary Helen Bramlett-Barnett (deceased); Jewell Dean Bramlett-Campbell; Ruby Bramlett-Kirkendoll; Betty Ruth Bramlett-Kirkendoll; Lorene Bramlett-Sigler; David Joe Bramlett (deceased, this is my father); Mary Margaret Bramlett-Griffin; Cecil Bramlett; Wade Bramlett; and Sally Bramlett-Tumlinson. Most of the family still live in and around the Clinton area. Grandma is still alive but suffers with Alzheimers. I would like to learn more about the Bramlett family. Please send any information.

Name: Christopher Bramblett
From: California
Time: 1998-02-26 20:43:00
Comments: Definitely interested in more info.

Name: Kathy Barefoot
From: Savannah,GA
Time: 1998-02-21 02:58:00
Comments: My mother's maiden name is Bramlett. Her father, William Madison Brown Bramlett was from KY and his parents were named Henry Bramlett and Sarah Gardner. I have an extensive tree from Henry to present but am stumped to go any farther back. My grandfather moved to Maury Co. TN and married my grandmother Lucy Webster Dawson.

Name: Sherri Rollins
Website: Sherri's Home
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Time: 1998-02-20 02:00:00
Comments: My great great great grandmother was Elizabeth Bramlett of Choctaw County Mississippi

Name: Shelley Broyles
From: Olathe, KS
Time: 1998-02-19 04:36:00
Comments: I look forward to checking out your site.

Name: Cindy High Huff
From: GA
Time: 1998-02-17 02:52:00
Comments: Hi! I received word about your site from Mitch Bramlitt. He has helped me fill in a lot of blanks already. My line as I know it so far - paternal grandmother is Lynda Faye Bramlitt High. Her Parents are Marion Mae Bramlitt and Viney Irene Manus. Marion's parents are John Quince Bramlitt and Mary E. Malone. This find has been my first family history "hit" on the internet, so I am overwhelmed and hopeful that I will continue to have such great luck! - Cindy

Name: Dana R. Bramblett
From: Camden, Arkansas
Time: 1998-02-16 17:25:00
Comments: My brother told me about this site and a friend told me about Just wondering if they are the same?? PLMK

Name: K. DuLaney
From: South Carolina
Time: 1998-02-15 20:51:00
Comments: Looking for SC Census records on line. Need to find listing for children of Theophilus Goodwin who lived in Edgefield County, SC in 1820.

Name: Michael Troy Bramblett
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1998-02-14 20:36:00
Comments: Does anyone have any information on an Oscar E. Bramblett from CA (perhaps Bakersfield). He was born in Oklahoma around 1915. He was the son of Oscar E. Sr. and the Grandson of Alonzo Bramblett.

Name: Karl Douglas Bramblett
From: Decatur, Georgia
Time: 1998-02-14 02:16:00
Comments: I am looking for ancestors of Martin Luther Bramblett. He was married to Mary Ola Henry and they lived in North Georgia. His father is James Buchanan. Note: This is a great site.

Name: David Bramlett
From: Born in Spokane, WA; grew up in Chicago, Il
Time: 1998-02-12 22:49:00
Comments: Just wanted to say hello.

Name: John Shane Bramblett
From: El Doradro, Ark
Time: 1998-02-12 21:04:00
Comments: Hi cuz.

Name: Chris Bramlett
Website: Christopher's Jewelers
From: Concord NC
Time: 1998-02-12 20:46:00
Comments: I just had delightful conversations with two, yes two, Mike Bramletts. One was in St. Louis. The other in Alpharetta Georgia. We are all excited about the reunion in June. Could you post more information on that.

Name: Vera Bramlett Thrift
From: Jacksonville, Florida
Time: 1998-02-12 01:49:00
Comments: After speaking with my Dad, I thought I would check out some of the Bramlett history. Quite interesting. Well, time to go for now.

Name: Michael T. Bramblett
From: St. Louis, MO
Time: 1998-02-11 04:21:00
Comments: I'm searching for information regarding the parents of my great, great grandfather. His name was Henry Newman Bramblet, he was born in GA around 1829. He married Tilithia McIntire in Forsyth County, GA in 1847. They had three sons, Elisha L, Green B. and Alonzo (my great grandfather) and three daughters, Hester A., Canzada and Emily L. Any help will be much appreciated.

Name: Malisa Bramblett
From: Verden, Ok.
Time: 1998-02-11 03:53:00
Comments: I am interested in knowing if we are related to any of the Bramblett's here. My husband's name is Matthew. His father's name is Donald, and his grandfather's name is Vernon. Please let me here from you. Malisa

Name: Michael Troy Bramblett
From: St. Louis, Missouri
Time: 1998-02-08 19:41:00
Comments: I was born in Oklahoma but lived in Corpus Christi, Tex from age 6 to age 19. Current address is 219 Bryn Wyck Place, St. Louis, MO 63141. Phone:314.205.9286

Name: Sharon Sustar
Website: Descendants of Thomas Benfield
From: Cleveland, OH
Time: 1998-02-04 11:09:00
Comments: I'm researching the BENFIELD family of Rabun Co., GA who married into the TEEM and BRAMBLETT families. Martha E. TEEM (dau of Adam TEEM and Saphronia BENFIELD TEEM) md 25 Feb 1864 Rabun Co., GA John W. BRAMBLETT (son of Jesse BRAMLETT and Mary "Polly" PALMORE). Sarah A. BRAMBLETT (dau of Jesse BRAMLETT and Mary "Polly" PALMORE) b. 15 Aug 1842, md 25 Feb 1864 Absolem TEEM (son of Daniel Monroe TEEM Susan Benfield TEEM).

Name: Marianne Thompson
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Time: 1998-02-02 00:19:00
Comments: I am a descendant of Sarah Bramblett callaway Brown born 1736 in Va. My ancestors descend from her second marriage to Lynah Brown by whom she had 2 children, a daughter Sarah and a son James Brown born in1773.I understand one of her sons, Flanders Callaway married Jemima Boone, oldest daughter of Daniel Boone.

Name: Diane Maxwell
Time: 1998-02-01 04:23:00
Comments: Just was passing by and saw the name Bramblett. Have just started doing some research on my family. My grandmother on my fathers side was a Bramblett from Indiana. I have never met any of my fathers family so have a lot of work to do

Name: FULLER, Joye
From: Boulder, CO
Time: 1998-01-30 23:08:00
Comments: Am searching for any relatives/descendants of John and Nancy Allen Bramlett or Nancy Matilda Bramlett and Cornelius Jefferson Worthington. Have located approx. 400 descendants of Nancy and Jeff. Am willing to exchange any information.

Name: Rick Bramlett
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Time: 1998-01-28 03:03:00
Comments: Thank you for the e-mail. I am quite interested in family history. I know a lot about my mother's side of the family, but virtually nothing about my father's. I am 41 years old and live in Tulsa, OK.. I was born in Ardmore, OK, the son of Robert M. (Jim) Bramlett. He was born in Tucumcari, NM the son Morris Marshall Bramlett who was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi. My grandfather had six brothers and sisters. I do not have any more info on them at this time, but my sister is mailing it to me within the next few days. After my grandfather's parents I no virtually nothing about the family. Any additional info would be great. Thanks a bunch for your interest

Name: Greg Hobbs
From: Mesquite, TX
Time: 1998-01-23 23:12:00
Comments: Currently live in Mesquite, TX. Real home is Winchester, KY. Need Information on William Francis Bramblett who married Katherine Padgett. They were my mothers parents. William died in 1979 and Katherine died in 1973.

Name: Renee Werth
From: Oklahoma City, OK
Time: 1998-01-22 20:16:00
Comments: Mary Myrtle Bramlett is my greatgrandmother. She was born August 2, 1890 possibly in Decatur, Texas. She was married to Richard Henry Cummings on December 25, 1910. They had 8 children: Launa, William Claude, Viola, Benjamin Franklin, Bill J., Perry Lee, Jerry Dee, and Christine. She died in Wewoka, Oklahoma November 11, 1978. I would love to find out more about my Bramlett line. I only have her name for Bramletts. She was a former beauty queen according to my greatgrandfather, Richard Henry Cummings. Please see my homepage at under Raelene R. Werth

Name: Jeffrey Bramlett
From: San Francisco
Time: 1998-01-21 15:29:00
Comments: Thanks for your time and effort. More later and will pass you URL on to my father.

Name: Dennis Lane Bramlett. Jr.
Website: Dennis Bramlett's Homepage
Referred by: Advertisment/Brochure
From: Dalton, GA
Time: 1998-01-20 22:31:00
Comments: I received an email about this page.

Name: Carl Stephen Bramlett
From: Longview, Texas
Time: 1998-01-19 22:52:00
Comments: Howdy, no comments at this time.

Name: Ken Bramblett
From: Flatwoods, Ky.
Time: 1998-01-17 17:13:00
Comments: Hi Mike. Very interesting site. I was told of your page by my son, also Mike, of Pedro, Oh. See that my daughter, Robin Bramblett Taylor has been by as well. Am descended from James Martin Bramblett, Sr. but can not determine family origin beyond Greenup Co. Ky..

Name: Krystal Dawn Bramblette
From: San Antonio, Tx
Time: 1998-01-16 21:11:00
Comments: I am a Bramblette by marriage...I was married to Roland Brant Bramblette on September 12, 1997. I am 22, my husband is 29. We have a son, Dakota who is 5, although he is Brant's biological child and not mine. If you would like any more information about our me and I will do my best to accomodate you :)

Name: Cheryl Bramblett
From: Augusta, Georgia - Now in Atlanta
Time: 1998-01-16 15:59:00
Comments: My father forwarded your e-mail to me. We were once the only "Bramblett" family in Augusta, GA. There were, however, several "Bramletts." I am now living in Atlanta, GA. There are many variations of the family name here. Interesting to know we may all be related. Thanks

Name: Gwen Bramlet-Hecker
From: Springfiled, Illinois
Time: 1998-01-16 15:47:00
Comments: Hi!This is so exciting!! In the last year or so I have really been bitten by the "geneology bug" - I think it has something to do with turning 30 and wanting to know more about myself and my family!! I know very little about my background right now because my father, Edward Peter Bramlet, was a very quiet man who didn't talk a lot, and he passed away 6 years ago. His father, Raydell Bramlet, passed away when my father was 5 years old. I do have an aunt, my fathers only sibling, Sr. Christine Bramlet, who is an Ursline nun living in Springfield, Illinois. I hope to gather some information from her. THis is a wonderful site!! I will share what I can!!Thanks!

Name: Randy Bramlett
Website: our town
Referred by: From
From: East Prairie . Missouri
Time: 1998-01-16 09:40:00
Comments: Would be interested in more info on the Bramletts in the midwest

Name: Dan M. Bramblett
Website: BRAMFAM
From: Kingsport, TN
Time: 1998-01-16 04:01:00
Comments: Found out by email from Mike Bramblett.

Name: Cheryl Jackson
Time: 1998-01-13 23:27:00
Comments: I have a Charles William Bramlett b. 12-17-1891 in Pontotoc Co, MS. Married to Pearl Stegall. Would love to find his parents. Also a James Lemuel Bramlett b. 3-3-1898 Unk place who married a Juanita Bush. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: William Baxter Bramblet
From: Mt. Sterling, KY
Time: 1998-01-12 19:27:00
Comments: My son, Henry Burgess Bramblet, found this page and let me know it existed. I will be interested in checking in from time to time.

Name: Rick Bramblett
From: Kennesaw, GA
Time: 1998-01-12 04:23:00
Comments: Lots of info here. Found a cousin in MA

Name: Tim Hirzel
Website: Tim's DoodleVille
From: Wayland, MA
Time: 1998-01-11 22:53:00
Comments: My Mother is Beth Bramblett from Jesup, GA My Uncle is Randall Bramblett of Athens, GA

Name: Donald E. Hill
From: Bedford Co, VA
Time: 1998-01-11 11:44:00
Comments: Have a lot of the Bramblett names from VA.

Name: Gale
Time: 1998-01-11 01:01:00
Comments: Please join the new BRAMLETT (could only have one spelling) mailing list. Just send an e-mail message to: You can join in digest or regular mail. In the body of your message type: subscribe bramlett or subscribe bramlett-digest. In the subject line type: subscribe. That's all, nothing else is needed. If you have problems/questions send me (or Mike) a message. This list is for genealogical discussion on all BRAMBLETT/BRAMLETT/BRAMLITT's and related families too. It's the easiest way to get your questions, comments to the most people. It also provides an opportunity for discussion of information can be obtained, who's researched where, etc. Hope to see you there!

Name: Kathy Bramlett Greaves
From: Colorado Springs, CO
Time: 1998-01-08 17:21:00
Comments: My great-grandfather was David M. Bramlett from Gwinnett Co., GA. He was born abt. 1852. I'm searching for his father. David was listed in 1870 Gwinnett Co., GA census with his mother, Mahala ?, b. abt 1824, and two sisters, Mary J. b. abt 1853 and Nancy A., b. abt 1855. David married Mary Murrell in 1878 Gwinnett Co. and later moved to Anniston, AL in the 1880's. Does anyone have information on this family? Thanks for a great web site.

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