Bedford County, Virginia Records Index

1758Bramlett, James
1759Bramblett, James' est
Appraisement1-197Personal property
1759White, StephenBramblett, William SrDeed of Gift1-238Personal property
1761Bramblett, Ambrose
Deed1-455Lot 28 on plan of New London
1762Bramblett, WilliamWalton, GeorgeDeed2-79312a on br of N fork Little Otter
1765Bramblett, AmbrosePage, Rob't &cDeed2-536150a on bks Tomahawk Cr of Blackwater
1767Cross, DavidBramblett, AmbroseDeed3-98210a on Elk Cr adj No Business Mtn
1768Thompson, AndrewBramblett, AmbroseDeed3-149150a on Tomahawk Cr of Blackwater adj Callaway
1770Bramblet, William &cBallard, Thomas &cBond3-507For settlement of estate of Richard Ballard Sr
1770Bramblet, William &cBallard, RichardBill of Sale3-503Slaves and other pers prop
1770Bramblet, William &cBallard, Thomas &cP A3-506To collect money from debtors
1770Bramblet, William &cBallard, RichardDeed3-50495a & 148a on Gills Cr
1771Bramblett, William &cClarkson, DavidDeed4-107148a on both sides Gills Cr
1774Davis, BenjaminBramlett, Anne; William &uxDeed5-254500aon Shocco Cr adj Welch &c
1778Stone, JeremiahBramlitte, William &cDeed6-2190a on Gills Cr
1779Stone, UsebiusBramlite, WilliamDeed6-262Int in 140a on Gills Cr
1780Hardwick, RobertBramblett, AmbroseDeed6-401535a adj Robertson, Callaway &c
1785Bramblett, James
Deed7-515Lot 27 on plan of Liberty
1789Buford, JamesBramblett, JamesDeed8-153Lot #27 in Town of Liberty
1792Eckhols, JamesBramblett, JamesBill of Sale9-18Personal property
1792Dooley, JohnBramblett, JamesBill of Sale9-64Personal property
1793Thorp, ThomasBramblett, AmbroseDeed9-179195a on N brs of Otter R adj William Callaway
1795Buford, James JrBramblett, JamesP A10-73To convey 763a in Fayette Co, Kentucky
1798Dooley, StephenBramblett, JamesP A10-528To settle int in est of Wm Bramblett
1799Bramblett, JamesBramblett, William &cDeed11-93312a on S br N fork Little Otter River
1802Miller, ThomasBramblett, Reubin; Saley &cDeed11-642213a on Shocoe Cr adj Callaway &c
1803Cooper, WilliamBramblitt, Reubin &uxDeed11-843250a on N side of Goose Cr
1803Bramblett, JamesCallaway, Wm &uxDeed11-890100a on N side of Boreauger Cr Adj Wm Buford &c
1804Steptoe, James CBramblitt, Milley; James &uxDeed11-1137Int in 312a adj town of Liberty
1804Smith, GeorgeBramblitt, Milley; James &ux &cDeed11-959333a on Bore Auger Cr adj Buford
1805Steptoe, James CBramblitt, Elkanah; Reuben; William's est &cDeed11-1210Int in tract on head waters of Little Otter R adj town
1805Page, John GovBramblitt, Reuben &cBond11-1379That John Mitchell will perform duties of Constable
1806Steptoe, James JrBramblett, William's estDeed12-175Int in 362a nr Liberty adj Callaway &c
1806Steptoe, James JrBramblett, William's estDeed12-100Int in tract on head waters of Little Otter R adj Liberty
1806Folden, AdamBramblett, Salley; Reuben &uxDeed12-12450a on Flat Top Mtn & waters of Goose Cr
1806Frith, HerbertBramblett, ReubenDeed12-144232a in Franklin Co on Staunton River
1806Wills, WilliamBramblett, Salley; Reuben &uxDeed12-126714a on waters of Goose Cr adj Adam Folden &c
1807Read, FrancisBramblett, Milley; James &uxDeed12-19840a on Read Cr of Goose Cr
1807Read, FrancisBramblett, MilleyRelinq Dower12-19840a conveyed by James Bramblett Nov 24, 1807
1814Steptoe, James CBramblett, William's estDeed14-198Int in est of William Bramblett nr Liberty
1816Bramblitt, Reubin &c
List of Surveys15-56120a, 56a & 500a
Bramblitt, Reubin &cList of Surveys15-56120a; 56a & 500a
1820Bramblett, Jesse AThomas, Rufus ComrDeed16-344135a on Wolf Cr adj Wm Bramblett &c
1823Pleasants, James Jr GovBramblett, Reuben &cBond18-79That Henry Trucks will perform duties of Constable
1823Rucker, JamesBramblett, Jesse A; SarahDeed18-168135a on waters of Wolf Cr
1823Pleasants, James Jr GovBramblett, Reuben &cBond18-80That J N Kasey will perform duties of Constable
1827Bramblett, Caleb F TrBrown, John WD T20-233Personal property
1828Bramblett, Elkanah TrPullen, ThomasD T21-1103 slaves & other pers prop
1829Bramblett, Jesse A &c TrsDeardorf, JacobD T21-438Int in est of Henry Deardorf pers prop
1829Giles, William B GovBramblett, R &cBond21-424That B Hensley will perform duties of Constable
1830Dooley, Joshua TrBramblett, ReubenD T22-2Three slaves and other pers prop
1833Bramblett, ElkanahLeftwich, Jno &uxDeed23-473500a adj Alexander Irvin &c
1834Bramblett, Jesse ATaylor, Silas &uxDeed24-176130 or 140a on Enoch's Cr adh Huddleston, Sinclair &c
1836Bramblett, Jesse AWest, Thomas &uxDeed25-24115 3/4a on Enoch Cr and Beaver Dam Cr
1837Bramblett, Jesse A &c TrsGlover, WilliamD T26-221Personal property
1838Bramblett, Jesse A TrRyan, MaryDeed27-303163 1/3a on headwaters of Big Otter River; 6 slaves and other pers prop
1839Arrington, MaryBramblett, Jesse AD R28-1163 1/3a on Otter River; five slaves & other pers prop
1841Bramblett, Jesse ARobertson, Albert MDeed29-140Int in est of John Smelser
1843Huddleston, JohnBramblett, Jesse A; Salley &uxDeed30-212146 1/4a on Enoch Cr
1844Bramblett, Jesse A Trust FundWharton, John A &c TrsList of Sales31-115137a sold to Jas McManaway; Tract sold to Wm Dickerson; 16a sold to Jas Gray; pers prop
1844Wharton, John A &c TrsBramblett, Jesse A Trust FundList of Sales31-115137a sold to Jas McManaway; tract sold to Wm Dickinson; 16a sold to Jas Gray; personal property
1844Wharton, John A &c TrsBramblitt, Jesse AD T30-49515 or 16a & int in 200a & 137a all nr Peatown; int in 28a adj Paschal Buford; slaves and other pers prop
1845Bramblett, Jesse A Trust FundWharton, John A &c TrsList of Sales31-2956 slaves
1845Wharton, John A &c TrsBramblett, Jesse A Trust FundList of Sales31-295Six slaves
1847Burnett, AmmonBramblett, Elkanah; Mildred &uxDeed33-91120 1/2a adj Beverly Arnold &c
1847Arthur, Lewis CBramblett, Elkanah; Mildred &uxDeed33-72148a adj Bailey Newman &c
1848Bramblett, Caleb FSale, John F Comr &cDeed33-551103a 2R 2OP on Lybg-Salem Trnpk 1 or 2 mi E Liberty
1848Fizer, JohnBramblett, Caleb FDeed33-5525a 35P adj Elliot
1849Dickinson, WilliamBramblett, Jesse A &c By ComrDeed34-163105a
1850Quarles, David W &cBramblett, Elkanah &uxDeed34-520588a on Big Prize Br adj Beverly Arnold; Burnett &c
1852Smith, VinalBramblett, Frances; Caleb &uxDeed35-50398a IR 25P nr Liberty on Lybg & Salem Trnpk
1852Bramblett, Caleb FSmith, Vinal &uxDeed35-5021a 2R 15P nr Liberty on Forest Rd
1852Buford, PaschalBramblett, Jesse A by TrsDeed35-609Int in 28a adj Paschal Buford
1855Fizer, JohnBramblett, Frances MRelinq Dower37-3685a 35P adj Elliot
1856Gray, James SrBramblett, Jesse A by TrsDeed38-49816a adj Nancy McManaway &c
1857Reese, John MBramblitt, Frances M; Caleb F &uxDeed39-381a 2R 15P nr Liberty on S side of Forest Rd
1858Bramblett, Caleb FWilliams, C D &ux &cDeed39-443Lot nr Northern Limits of Liberty
1867Bell, Orville PBramblitt, Caleb FDeed43-2531 3/4a with house nr Liberty adj Micajah Davis &c
1870Preas, Wm H TrBramblett, John L; Mary CD T45-61Personal property
1876Bowles, Thomas PBramblett, John &ux &c By ComrDeed48-392165a on waters of Goose Cr
1876Bramblett, B MFrith, James &uxDeed49-2117.1a 3 1/2 mi SE Liberty on br Little Otter
1878Bramblett, BenjaminShepherd, Margaret EDeed50-5177a 2R 27P on both sides Echols Cr adj A S Walker &c
1880Bramblett, B MBurks, M P Comr &cDeed52-30437 1/4a adj Chewning, Franklin &c
1884Bramblett, B MChambers, Henry &uxDeed57-1951.28a adj John Quarles, Skinnell &c
1890Bramblett, Benjamin &c TrsSkinnell, George E &uxDeed64-1962/3a in forks Liberty-Skinnell Mill Rds
1891Bramblitt, John L TrBramblitt, Robert LD T66-355Personal property
1892Bramblett, John LHogan, D TDeed68-40725a nr Shady Grove Church known as Sarah F Richardson tract
1892Bramblett, John BBramblett, John L; Mary C &uxDeed68-37325a nr Shady Grove Church adj Robert Webber &c
1892Bramblett, John BFuqua, John W &uxDeed68-37257a nr Shady Grove Church adj Thomas Bowles &c
1894Bramblett, Ballard ABramblett, Robert L; Lelian B &uxDeed72-288Int in 72a adj D T Hogan, Jas Bowles &c
1894Bramblett, Charles EHogan, D TDeed72-28911 1/2a adj John Bramblett, James Webber &c
1896Bramlett, B ABramlett &ux, William; Mary W &uxDeed73-583Int in tract 10 mi W Bedford on Boreauger Cr
1896Bramlett, JohnBramlett, Charles &cDeed74-31311 1/2a on N side rd from Sandy Ford to Bedford
1896Booth, John ABramlett, Ludy A; John &uxDeed74-4067a on W side of rd from Jas Webbers to Simmons Mill
1898Bramlett, J BStevens, Susan A &cDeed77-17100a known as Shockow Cr tract
1900Bramlet, Ballard AHumphreys, H O Comr &cDeed80-10820 1/4a on headwaters of Boreauger Cr "Old Tom Pres Place"
1902Bramlett, Ballard ABowles, J H &cDeed83-45336 3/4a on S side rd from Shady Grove Church to Shockoe Cr
1903Bramlett, CharlesBramlett, John L's est; Courtney's estDeed85-235W H and Mary J Rader's int in tract 10 mi W Bedford on Bore Auger Cr
1903Bramlett, CharlesBramlett, John L's est; Courtney's estDeed85-235Int in tract 10 mi W Bedford on W side Bore Auger Cr
1903Bramlett, JohnCoon, A M &cDeed84-2337 3/4a 1/2m E Shady Grove Church
1904Bramblett, JohnBrown, James W &uxMortgage86-33830a adj Mrs Eliza Loyd &c (part of Mrs Susan Stevens tract)
1904Bramlett, Ballard ABramblette, Charles E; Lockie T &uxDeed87-28935a on Boreauger Cr adj John H Booth &c
1905Brown, R MBramlett, John B &cDeed88-39025a on head waters of Shockoe Cr 14 mi W of Bedford on S side of Porters Mtn
1905Field, John VBramblitt, B M; Lockie A &cDeed87-533Int in 106a & 116a on Crab Orchard Cr 14 mi from Bedford
Bramblett, J B; Willie M &uxDeed90-4521a 2R 19P adj adkinson
1906Waldren, P WBramblett, J B; Willie M &uxDeed90-45321P adj church lot; Mrs Lucinda Hooker &c
1908Bramlett, William CHooker, LucindaDeed95-4161a adj Sidney StClair &c
1909Richardson, Sarah F &cBramlett, Charles EDeed98-5312a adj James Bowles (part of Ervan Bowles Est)
1909Jeter, J ABramlett, William I; Mary W &cDeed98-49910a on beaver Dam Cr nr Vinton-Roanoke Water Co
1910Bramlett, JohnWebber, L E &uxDeed101-47436 1/4a adj G C Creasy &c
1912Bramlett, Eula; Mary WBramlett, William C; Malinda &uxDeed107-3511a adj Lucinda Hooker, A S StClair &c
1913Bramblett, W CHuddleston, H L &uxDeed108-2193a on Enochs Cr
1914Huddleston, Eddie DBramlett, W C; Malinda &uxDeed111-3753a on Enoch's Cr
1914Bramlett, B ARichardson, E M &uxDeed111-25196.44a on Bore Auger Rd about 7 mi S Thaxton
1915Smith, Samuel TBramblett, B M; Lockie A &uxDeed114-801a 3 mi from Bedford on S side of Co
Bramlet, John B; Willie M &uxDeed118-111 7/8a on Bore Auger Rd
1919Bramlett, Mary; WilliamQuarles, S I &uxDeed125-22830a adj Mrs Willie Huddleston &c; right of way
1920Boothe, C MBramlett, Mary W; William &cDeed129-3521a adj Lucinda Hooper; A S StClair &c
1921Bramlett, MalindaBramlett, W MDeed131-30669 1/2a on E end Porter's Mtn (C R Franklin land)
1921Bramblett, W MGilliam, R A &uxDeed131-1369 1/2a on Porter's Mtn 3 mi S Irving
Bramlett, Ballard ADeed134-2073/4a adj Booth & Bramlett
1922Miller, Hunter TrBramblett, BM; LA &uxD T134-31851a 3 mi S E of town of Bedford
1922Bramblett, John L &cWebber, J C &uxDeed133-570144 3/4a & 35a on S side Porter's Mtn
1923Saunders, W R TrBramlett, John LD T137-19179a on S side of Porters Mtn
1923Bramblett, John LBoothe, C M &uxDeed137-18179a on S side Porter's Mtn
1923Fisher, Edgar RBramblitt, B M's est; Lockie AnnDeed137-17551a 3 1/2 mi S E of Bedford
Bramblett, BallardDeed143-5Right of way in Chamblissburg Dist nr Shockoe Cr
1928Bramlett, Ballard ASublett, Guy RDeed153-510157a, 9a 2R 16P, 2a all adj on Bore Auger Cr 1 mi S E Shady Grove Church
1929Bramlett, J BCreasy, W A &uxDeed156-3584a adj J B Bramlett

Provided by Lewis Bramlett

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