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Roy Bottoms' articles from The Forsyth County News Aug-Sep 1974
Article from The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, Sunday Morning, March 15, 1896
Letter from Margaret J. (Bramlett) Hyde
Letter from Florence Bramblett Mays
Notes and Stories from Deanie Bramlett Beazley
Notes and Stories from Charles David Bramlet
The Buford Bramblette Family of Sully County, SD
Slave Narratives
Confederate Memorial Ceremony

Larkin Bramlett's Murder Conviction Appeal

Will of William Bramblett, Jr. (c 1719-1779)
Will of Reuben Bramblett, Sr (c 1734-1807)
Will of Ambrose Bramlett (c 1736-1804)
Will of Henry Bramblett (1761-1847)
Will of Martin Bramblet (1784-1858)
Will of Greenberry Bramblett (1819-1848)

Bible Record of William and Jane Bramblett (Bramlitt)
Bible Record of William Holland and Alcey Bramlett
Bible Record of Addison Rosamond and Martha T. Julia Ann D. Holland
Bible Record of Henry Bramlett and Martha Gober
Bible Record of Coleman Brown Bramlet and Susannah Upchurch
Bible Record of Bluford Bramlet
Bible Record of Lewis and Catherine Brown Bramlett
Bible Record of John M. Crisp (re: W. B. Bramlett and family)
Bible Record of William Beverly Bramlett and Sarah Allen Crisp
Bible Record of Roger Clements and Hannah Hathaway
Bible Record of Thomas J Bramlett and Mary Etta Hipps
From the Garrett Daybook

Document showing William Sr alive in 1762
Enoch Bramlett Personal Property Tax Exemption Petition 1888

Bedford County, VA Records Index
Survey: Ambrose Bramlitt, 1754, Bedford Co, VA
Deed of Gift: Btwn Wm Bramlett, Sr. and Stephen White, Bedford CO, VA, 1759
Patent: Ambrose Bramblet, 1765, Bedford Co, VA
Deed: Reubin Bramlett, 1767, Faquier Co, VA
Deed: Ambrose Bramblet, 1768, Bedford Co, VA
Patent: William Bramblett, Jr., 1770, Bedford Co, VA
William Bramblett "Bull Grant", 1774, SC
Deed: Ambrose Bramblett, 1779, Surry Co, NC
Grant: James Bramblet, 1786, Fayette Co, KY
Deed: Ambrose Bramblett, 1792, Wilkes Co, GA
Articles of Agreement btwn Martin Pickett and Reuben Bramblett, 1794 (BIG file)
* Deed: William & James Bramblett, and John and Milly Bramblett Hancock, Bedford Co, VA, 1799 represents 3/9 of William Jr's land
Grant: William Bramblet, 1801, Bedford Co, VA
Grant: Reubin Bramblet, 1801, Bedford Co, VA
Grant: James Bramblet, 1801, Bedford Co, VA
Grant: Reubin Bramblet, 1801, Bedford Co, VA
* Deed: James and Milly Bramblett, 1804, Bedford Co, VA same 3/9 as represented in 1799 deed above
* Deed: Reuben and Sally Bramblett, Jesse and Matilda Bramblett Watson, and Elkanah Bramblett, 1805, Bedford County, VA represents 3/9 of William Jr's land
* Deed: Stephen and Mary Bramblett Dooley, 1806, Clarke Co, KY represents 1/9 of William Jr's land
* Deed: John and Lydia Bramblett Thompson, Campbell Co, VA, 1806 represents 1/9 of William Jr's land
* Deed: Patrick and Lucy Bramblett Nenney, 1813, Jefferson Co, TN represents 1/9 of William Jr's land
Deed: Newton Bramblett To Melmouth Bramblett, 1841, Laurens Co, SC
Deed of Gift: Newton Bramblett To Heirs of L Bramlett, 1841, Laurens Co, SC

Birth Certificate for Jesse Johnson, Jr.

Marriage License btwn Ewell Harling and Lillie Bramlett of Hood CO, TX
Marriage Bond btwn James G. Bramblet and Catherine Riddle of Owen CO, KY
Marriage License btwn George W. Payne and Rhuhama Bramlett of Parke CO, IN
Marriage License btwn Dump Bramlett and Mattie Lee King of Greene CO, AR
Marriage License btwn William A. Bramblett and Martha Adaline Hall
Marriage License btwn John Fletcher Bramlett and Martha Maddox
Marriage License btwn William Washington F. P. Bramlette and Margaret Barnwell
Marriage License btwn James Moore and Jane Hammontree
Marriage License btwn John Anderson Bramlett and Margaret Emma DuPree
Marriage License btwn John M. Bramblett and Susan Catherine Bice
Marriage License btwn John Stanford Bramblett and Nora Baker 05/09/16

Biography of Ky Gov Thomas E Bramlette
Biography of Reuben H. Bramlet
Father John Bramlett's Obituary (1764-1855)
Father Reuben Bramlett's Obituary (1791-1884)
Sarah Dacus Bramlett's Obituary (1796-1873)
Martha E. McCrary Bramlett's Obituary (1842-1905)
Rev William Bramlett's Obituary (1786-1870)
Margaret Bramlett Gober's Obituary (1776-1853)
Theodocia Bramlett Netherland's Obituary (1770-1853)
Capt. William Peter Bramlette's Obituary (1823-1863)
Lewis Henry Bramlett's Obituary (1853-1945)
Obituaries of Charles Gordon Bramlett (1885-1958) and Nancy Dot McNaron Bramlett (1885-1975)
Obituary of Lewis Bramlett (1786-1879)
Obituaries of Ernest William and Lorena Jordan Bramblett
Obituary of James Bramblett (1861-1942)
Obituary of Violet Faye Bramlitt Graham (c1928-2000)

Death Certificate of Dump M. Bramlett
Death Certificate of Mattie Lee King Bramlett
Death Certificate of Colonel Wiley Bramblett
Death Certificate of Martha Adaline Hall Bramblett Elrod
Death Certificate of Lacy Bramblett
Death Certificate of Mary J. "Polly" Sitliff Bramlett
Death Certificate of Jesse Johnson, Jr.

Bramlett Methodist Church
Index to Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909
Eastern Cherokee Applications of William and Margaret Jane Moore Bramlett

Confederate Service of John B. Bramlett
Military Records for Colonel Wiley Bramblett

* These deeds identify the 9 children of William Bramblett, Jr, son of William Sr, earliest known Bramblett.

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