From the Southern Christian Advocate
March 25, 1885: p. 7, col. 2

BRAMLETT --  Died, Nov. 30, 1884, Father Reuben Bramlett, at the residence of his son, Robert, who had removed his father to his house some weeks before his death.  Not that Father Bramlett had not a comfortable and abundant home of his own, where he resided with a most affectionate daughter, but that affection prompted to do all that might be done--by varying the scene around him--to prolong his life.  He was 93 years old, Oct 30, one month before his death.  He enjoyed the greatest Christian serenity I have ever known one to possess.  For years before his death, meet him where you would, in reply to the usual salutation, "How do you do?" he would answer "Feeble in body, but as happy as a man can be".  He united with the church after he attained to manhood and was married.  He was over much devoted to Sabbath schools, and gave as a teacher, constant attention until 1880, when he became so deaf he could no longer teach a class.  He then sat as a scholar in a class  until within a few weeks of his death.  His wife preceded him to the grave about 11 years ago, full of faith and hope.  His residence was near Bethel Church, Greenville Circuit.  He was a son of sainted Father John Bramlett, of precious memory to Bethel Church.  A very large concourse attended his burial at Bethel.

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