William Bromlett, Senr

Below is an account that seems to show that William Bramlett, Sr was alive in 1762, when the account was dated. It does not say that the estate of Wm Bromlett, Senr is owed money as it does in the case of Wm Thompson's Estate; which would indicate that the money was owed to a living person.

Bedford County, VA
Will Book 1
Note: Only portions of p.21 and 22 are shown here. The rest of the document provides no additional information regarding William Bramlett, Sr.

Extract of this document from Abstracts of Bedford County, Virginia Wills, Inventories and accounts 1754 - 1787, Abstracted, Edited and Published by Miss Joida Whitten, Dallas, TX

Pages 21-24: WILLIAM BOYD. Accounts.
Dated from 1762 Executors: Stephen Goggin, Robert Russell Mentioned: Colo. Archd. Cary; Thomas Donald Mercht. in Warwick; Robert Hastie Mercht. in Warwick; Thomas Clerk, Bedford; Francis Mosley, Buckingham; Colo. William Callaway; Richard Doggett; Jacob Anderson; Peter Hogg, Augusta; Wm. Thompson's Estate; Richard Doggett; Isaac Saltkill; Walter Buchanon Warwick Mercht. ; Archey Broady Warwick Mercht. ; John Thompson; William Bumpass; Charles Syms pedlar; Wm. Bromlet, Senr. ; Ann Buckston; Robert Hairston; Benjamin Howard; Benjamin Waller C.G.C. ; John Sutton; Thomas Psalter "for Cryer at Both Sales"; Wm. Graham, Augusta; To Capt. John Ward the Costs of a Suit in Court; David lrvine; Christopher Irvine; William Irvine; Stephen Goggin; Thomas Cooper, Junr. ; Richard Doget; David Irvine; Christopher Slinker; Robert Hairston; Martin Stemon; John Robinson; John Savory; Wm. Waylie; Joseph Miller; Robert Scarbrough; Thomas Cooper, Senr. ; Thomas Salter; Thomas Robinson; Robert Baber; Josiah Welch; John Thompson.
Signed by Examiners 23 September 1766.
Examiners: Saml. Hairston, Chas. Lynch, Christopher Irvine
Returned: 23 September 1766

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