Ambrose Bramlitt

Bedford Co, VA
30 Oct 1754

Surveyed for Ambrose Bramlitt 195 acres of land situate in Bedford County on the North Branches of Otter River: Bounded as follweeth Viz. Beginning at Bush's corner hickoryat A. Thence along his line from
A to B, N 15 E, 20 Poles to a White Oak
B to C, off S 56 E, 80 Poles to a Red Oak
C to D, S 10 E, 66 Poles to Ponters on Wm Callaway's ?
D to E, along his Line S 75 W, 128 Poles to corner ?
E to F, off N 24 W, 56 Poles to a White Oak
F to G, N 60 W, 144 Poles to a shrub White Oak
G to H, N 38 E, 172 Poles to Pointers on Bush's Line
H to I, along his Line S 26 E, 150 Poles to the first Station

By Richard Stith Assistant?

Ambrose's 195 acres in Bedford C)

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