Letter from Florence Bramblett Mays

Norcross, GA
Feb 19, 1943

Mr. Oscar E. Bramblett
3241 Florida Ave.
Coconut Grove, Fla

Dear Mr. Bramblett;

Some months ago my brother, Walter Bramblett of Forsyth, sent on to [me] one of your letters, giving and asking information in regard to family history of Brambletts in Georgia. I was much interested in the information your letter contained and very soon had copied for you the data I had (little enough to be sure), but pressure of duties somehow prevented any mailing to you what I had. However, even at this late date, I wish the few facts I've been able to obtain may be of some help in getting together your family tree. It is an undertaking I'm sure but quite worth the time and expense of the research.
We Ga Brambletts are proud of our name and those who have borne it, for as far as [is] known, it has never been "trailed in the dust".

Cordially yours,
Florence Bramblett Mays
(Mrs. H. B. Mays, Sr.)

P.S. I am a widow, my husband Rev. Henry Mays, a Meth. minister, having died four years ago. My father was Augustus W. Bramblett of Forsyth. He had a family of eight children, five girls and three boys. Two daughters and one son are living. The second daughter (Alice, deceased) married Judge Ogden Parsons of Forsyth. Cora the third daughter, is Mrs. E. P. Bridges of Toccoa. Eva, Lily and our youngest bro. Karl died unmarried.

Berryman Bramblett Family History (1)

Berryman Bramblett (son of Reuben B.) lived to be near 80 --
married Sarah Higgins Moore who lived to be 78.
All from S. Carolina.

Berryman Bramblett's brothers and sisters
Miles Bramblett
Dicy Bramblett
Lucy Bramblett Dicy married Standhope Carr of Flovilla, Ga.
Lucy married Dr. Lemuel Jackson of Gwinnett Co. Ga.
Berryman Bramblett and Sarah Higgins Moore married Dec 24, 1832.
Grandma Bramblett born Sep 19, 1817
Grandpa Bramblett born Aug 16, 1811 (Berryman)

Both these grandparents died and were buried in Gwinnett Co. Ga. Grandpa's (Berryman Bramblett) grave is in Pleasant Hill Cemetery -- Grandma buried at New Hope Church Gwinnett Co. Ga. Both joined church at New Hope.

Berryman Bramblett's children by Mary Moore were:
Alfred Holt Bramblett -- born Jan 6, 1835. Died in Forsyth, Ga. of pnuemonia.
Henrietta Dicy Bramblett -- Born Jan 22, 1837.
Robert Edwin Bramblett -- Born Mar 20, 1839 -- Died of scarlet fever Oct 28, 1957.
Augustus Wildman Bramblett -- Born June 14, 1842 -- Died Mar 3, 1915 Bladder trouble.
Mary Ann Eliza Bramblett -- Born May 3, 1848 -- Died Oct 10, 1957 Scarlet fever.
Infant son -- Born May 27, 1850 -- Died Dec 16, 1850.
Margaret Catherine Bramblett -- Born Feb 26, 1854 -- Died Mar 1, 1931.

All these are born in Gwinnett Co. Ga. No tuberculosis on either side of the Bramblett family.

Narcissus Bowman -- Berryman Bramblett's second wife -- Born Jan 30, 1835 -- Died Dec 27, 1915.
Children born to second wife were:
Dilmus Alexander (died of typhoid Born Mar 4, 1866 -- Died Jul 10, 1888)
Marcus Lafayette
Emma -- (died of pnuemonia)
Rufus Knox
Eugenia Alice and Alvin (twins)
Verdie Cahhoun
Lonnie Hampton -- Born Apr 15, 1878 -- Died Sep 5, 1898
All lived to be grown except one.

Augustus Wildman Bramblett joined church when a young man at Prospect Church, Gwinnett Co. Ga. Went out as volunteer from Laurenceville, Ga, went home on sick leave twice in a few days before he was to go back news came of Lee's surrender.

Alfred Holt Bramblett was in Atlanta working for government when city was shelled. Couldn't volunteer on account of stiff leg from effects of scarlet fever. He made canteens, tin cups, etc., for the army. The two brothers just after the war closed went into business in Hawkinsville Ga.

Alfred Holt Bramblett married Mary Zellner of Monroe Co. Ga. and they made their home in Forsyth, Ga, engaging in the hardware business until their deaths -- Alfred Holt had no children.

Berryman Bramblett -- father of these two came from S. Carolina to Ga. in 1821.

This copied from sketch in Monroe Adventurer -- Forsyth Business History:

"This firm, Bramblett Bros. Hardware was started by Messrs. Alfred and Gus Bramblett when they came from Hawkinsville and started a tin shop. These two brothers were the salt of the earth. They filled many positions in the town and church and were among the best citizens of our town. They were Christian gentlemen. It was largely through their liberality and interest in many ways that the beautiful Methodist Church was built. They both started life in humble circumstances and by their industry and good management they left good estates. We like to think of the lives of such men, men who do things that count."

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