1909 letter to Decatur L. Bramlett, Greenville Co., SC, regarding the children of Reuben & Sarah (Dacus) Bramlett.  Writer was Margaret J. (Bramlett) Hyde, dau of Reuben & Sarah.

                                                                                                          Mauldin  SC
                                                      Sept 28 / 09
Dear Nephew,

     Your note received and also the record.  I will try to answer your questions.  Yes, I guess you know pretty much where they all lived and when they died.  Josiah died at his old home place  Feb 19 1884.  William also died at his old home May the 29, 1875.  Nat died in Indiana I don't know the date of his death. James was wounded at the Battle of Franklin Tennessee and lived ten days afterward and died in the hospital sometime about the first of December in 1864.  Andy died at his home near Gadsden Ala  Feb 27 1901.

      They all went to the war.  Joe didn't stay but two or three months down on the coast about Port Royal.  William was in service about two years. Andy went through the war and never carried a gun, drove a comissary wagon and had a good time.  Bob went at the beginning of the war and stayed till the ending and never was wounded he belonged to the Butler Guards.

     I went down the grave yard last Sunday and drove up an iron pin at the foot of Grandfathers grave, yes his feet is right at the old stump. 

       This leaves us all very well at present.  Hope you are all well. Write and come to see us when you can.

                                                         Loving your aunt,

                                                              Margaret Hyde

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