William Bramblett

John and Milly Bramblett Hancock

Ann Bramblett

James Bramblett

Bedford Co., VA
Deed Bk K 11
pg. 93-94

This indenture made the 22nd day of July Anno Dom. one thousand seven hundred & ninety nine between William Bramblett John Hancock & Milly his wife late Milly Bramblett of the County of Bedford of the one part & James Bramblett of the same County of the other part -- Witnesseth that the said William Bramblett John Hancock & Milly his wife late Milly Bramblett hath for and in consideration of sixty pounds current money of Virginia the receipt of which they do hereby acknowledge Bargained and Sold and by these Presents do bargain & sell to the said James Bramblett all their part and Interest ??????ion & ???inate in and to a certain tract of Land in Bedford County on both sides of the South branch of the North fork of Little Otter River containing three hundred & twelve acres and bounded as follows to wit beginning at John Callaways corner W O. (now [Irvines?] thence off....to 2 bushes in Halls line /now Quarles's/ thence along his lines....to Woodsons line now Town of Liberty...to a dead corner....it being the same Tract of land on which Ann Bramblett lately lived and which her late husband William Bramblett dec'd Seized of and by his last will & Testament as will appear more fully on Record in the County Court of Bedford Bequeathed the same to be equally divided amongst his children after the death of his aforesaid wife Ann -- To Have and to hold the aforesaid land to the said James Bramblett his heirs and assigns forever with every Appurtenances thereunto belonging clear of every incumbrance whatsoever except the life of the above mentioned Ann Bramblett & to the same more the said William Bramblett John Hancock and Milly his wife late Milly Bramblett do by these presents further Covenant and agree for themselves their heirs that they will warrant and forever defend to the said James Bramblett and his heirs assigns The land aforesaid free from the claims or demands of any Persons whatsoever except as before excepted.  In witness whereof we and each of us have affixed our hand & seals this day & year above written.

William Bramblett [SL]
John Hancock (SL)
Milly [ x ]  Hancock  (SL)

Signed in the Presence of
Henry Jeter
James Turner

At a court held for Bedford County at the Court house the 22nd day of July 1799.  This indenture was acknowledged by Wm Bramblett & John Hancock and Milly his wife Parties thereto.  The said Milly having been first privately examined according to Law Voluntarily relinquished her right of Dower in & to the lands and Premises conveyed by this Indenture which is ordered to be recorded. 

Teste J Steptoe CBC

William, James and Milly are all children of William Jr, son of William Sr. William's land was split into 9 equal parts, one for each of his children. This deed, in which William and Milly sell their shares to James, represents 3/9ths of William Jr.'s land. James will later, in 1804, sell these "three equal undivided ninth parts" to James Steptoe. The rest of William Jr.'s children also eventually sold their shares to James Steptoe.

Deed provided by Jean Holley Day

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