Sarah (Bramlet) Calloway

Calloway -- My grandmother was Mary Calloway, a daughter of James Calloway and Sallie Bramlet. Their sons were Flanders, Dudley, Chelsey, James, Micajah, Edmund and William. The daughters were Elizabeth, Susan and Mary, my grandmother. Flanders Calloway married Jemima Boone, daughter of Daniel. Elizabeth was in the skiff with Frances Calloway and Jemima Boone when captured that fatal Sunday afternoon. They were rescued on Tuesday. Have heard my grandmother tell of their wonderful fortitude and presence of mind. Micajah and James Calloway were taken prisoners by the Indians at Blue Lick. Micajah remained a prisoner five years and was but seventeen when he reached home. Don't know of any other connection between the Boone and Calloway families. Mrs. J. W.

Source: Genealogical and Historical Column, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, Sunday Morning, March 15, 1896.

Notes/Comments: Other references mention James Jr's capture by the Indians, he supposedly spent 3 years in a Quebec prison (Spraker, 1921). I'm not sure about Micajah's capture (age?) but an 1884 Goodspeed reference does say, "Micajah Callaway, whose name is familiar to school children as a celebrated Indian fighter and frontiersman, was a close companion of Daniel Boone in Kentucky...." Micajah lived in Bourbon Co., KY before moving (abt 1810) to Indiana. The story of Jemima and the two Callaway girls has been told elsewhere and supposedly occured July 1776. In these accounts, Elizabeth and Frances Callaway, the girls in the skiff with Jemima are identified as the daughters of Col. Richard Callaway. The names of James & Sarah's children appear to be fairly accurate...though a son John (d. 1821) should be included.

If anyone can contribute additional information (a bible record, full name/descendancy of Mrs J..W.), please contact Mike or me.

Gale Bramlett

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