Reuben and Sally Bramblett

Jesse and Matilda Bramblett Watson

Elkanah Bramblett

Bedford Co., VA
Deed Bk K 11
pg. 1210

This indenture made the 25th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & five between Reuben Bramblett and Sally his wife Jesse Watson and Matilda his wife and Elkanah Bramblett of the one part & James C Steptoe of the other part, all of the County of Bedford and State of Virginia -------- Coming once I get it transposed!!! ...... three equal undivided ninth parts of a tract of land...... whereon William Bramblett Dec'd resided........ The rest of it is coming soon.....

Reuben, Matilda, and Elkanah are all children of William Jr, son of William Sr. William's land was split into 9 equal parts, one for each of his children. This deed, in which they sell their shares to James Steptoe, represents 3/9ths of William Jr.'s land. The rest of William Jr.'s children also eventually sold their shares to James Steptoe.

Deed provided by Jean Holley Day

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