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The following four pages are from a notebook kept by the late Agness Elrod. 1 1/2 pages have introductory genealogical material about the Catletts and Garretts and the rest of the pages have Garrett Bible inscriptions from the Garrett Daybook.

Some background -- Edward Garrett II first copied information from his mother's Garrett Bible into his own Garrett Bible. (Edward Garrett II is the son of Edward Garrett I and Elizabeth Catlett. Edward Garrett II married Ann West Owsley.) Before he died, Edward Garrett II put all the Bible information in a daybook. His wife, Anna West (Owsley) Garrett, added names of spouses to the daybook. The Garrett Daybook was passed down through several generations. (Current location of the Daybook is unknown.) Agness Elrod copied inscriptions from the Garrett Daybook onto numbered pages of her notebook sixty or more years ago, probably in the 1930s.

The Garrett Daybook inscriptions mention two Garretts who married Bramlett women: William Garrett married Nancy Bramlett and Nicholas Ware Garrett married Sarah Bramlett.

Lawrence C. Holcombe of Liberty, S.C., found and sent Deb Dennis a copy of Agness Elrod's notes and her transcription of Edward Garrett II and Anna West (Owsley) Garrett's Daybook. Deb, in turn, provided it to the Bramblett/Bramlett Information Center. Many thanks to Mr. Holcombe and to Deb.

An exact transcript, verbatim, of what Agness Elrod wrote in her notebook (four pages) is given below (the only things added by Deb Dennis are a few brackets with some page numbers, the bold face type to mark the Bramlett references, and one ellipsis to mark an undecipherable word written under "Edgefield"). She didn't fix any spelling or punctuation. Everything below is from Agness Elrod's notebook exactly as she wrote it....

Garrett 13

The compiler has made no attempt to trace the Catlett line but by 1790 one of the Catletts (John Catlett) had settled in Cheraw Dist., S.C. In the early days of Anderson Co SC one of the well known merchants was Pinckney Catlett.

Elizabeth (Catlett) Garrett was probably the daughter of Thomas Catlett of Caroline Co., Va. We find him as a witness to a deed in 1730 of John Garretts grandfather Richard Buchner. Thomas Catlett died in Caroline Co Va in 1739. Two other early Catlett estates there were John Catlett d 1742 & another Thomas Catlett, d 1744.

Edward Garrett I then Sr., died in 1751 between Feb. 1, 1751, and Dec. 20, 1751, when his estate was filed. He left a large family, several sons were under age. By 1757 the son Edward was 24 yrs of age & old enough to administer on the estate. Young Edwards mother Elizabeth (Catlett) Garrett (the widow of Edward Garrett I) married 2nd in Fairfax Co Va before 1755 to Richard Nelson & became the sister-in-law of of Gov. Wm. Nelson of Va. The administration papers of the estate of Edward Garrett I (called then Sr.) show the inventory was taken by Thomas Triplett, John Adams & Edward House.

When the estate of Edward Garrett I was about settled in 1757 Edward II decided to make a home of his own so he courted and married on Feb. 6 1759 Anna West Owsley called Ann the daughter of Thomas Owsley & his wife Ann West, Ann being the daughter of John West of Virginia.

On April 14, 1766 in Loudon Co Va Edward & Ann Garrett sold their land on Goose Creek to Thomas Middleton Jr. The land originally granted to Edward's father Edward on Dec. 27, 1742. (See deed bk E, page 7). The early part of 1766 Edward Garrett with his wife Anna & their five children and with two of Edwards brothers, Thomas & John left Virginia & migrated to 96 District, South Carolina the part that later became Laurens & Abbeville County & Edgefield cos.... To preserve the history of the family in a new country, Edward transcribed from his mothers Bible in Virginia the dates

Garrett [14]

and names of his brothers and sisters. These he he copied in his own Bible, and before he died he copied this data in an old day book which has been handed down from generation to generation in the Edward Garrett family. In addition to the records Edward copied from his mothers Bible, he added the names and birth dates of each of his 16 children. In a different handwriting, supposedly by Edwards wife Anna called Ann, was added the names of those whom the 16 children married.

Bible Records
Edward Garrett, born 31 August 1733
Anna West Owsley born 3 June 1744
Edward Garrett and Anna West Owsley married 2 June 1759

Sister -- Margaret Garrett, born 4 June, 1735

Sister -- Frances Garrett, born 30 July, 1737

Brother -- Stephen Garrett, born 1 August, 1740

Brother -- Thomas Garrett, born 11 November 1744

Brother -- John Garrett, born 18 January 1747

Garrett 15

Our Children: (marriages added by Anna)

I Elizabeth Garrett, born 2 October 1760 married John Ashley

II. John Garrett, born 7 January 1762 married Sallie Mauldin

III William Garrett, born 9 September 1763 married Nancy Bramlett

IV Nicholas Ware Garrett, born 11 March 1765 married Sarah Bramlett

V Jesse Garrett, born 2 February, 1766 married Elizabeth (illigible)

VI Frances Garrett, born 11 May 1768 married Pleasant Sullivan

VII Rhoda Garrett, born 24 November 1769 married George Hughes

VIII James Garrett, born 24 August 1771 married Nancy Wright (copy & erase some desc called her Dorcas)

[On back of page 15]

IX Dorcas Garrett, born 12 April, 1773 married Stephen Mullins

X Stephen Garrett, born 16 April 1775 married 1st Sarah Smith, 2nd Elizabeth Putnam

XI Mary Garrett, born 12 April 1777 married 1st Austin Moore, 2nd Lodowick Doolin

XII Martha Garrett, born 28 November 1778 married William Nelson Kelly

XIII Ann Garrett, born 23 August 1780 married John Harris

XIV Hosea Garrett, born 18 October 1782

XV Irene Kiziah Garrett, born 8 March 1785 married Robertson Moore

XVI Edward Garrett, Jr., born 13 September 1787 married Eleanor Higgins

End of Bible Records

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