Ambrose Bramblet

Bedford Co, VA
Patents 36, 1764-1767
p. 764-765
26 Jul 1765

George the Third. To all. Know ye that for divers good causes & considerations but more especially for and in the consideration of the sum of Thirty shillings of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginai we have given granted and confirmed and by these presents for us our Heirs and successors Do give grant and confirm unto Ambrose Bramblet one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing seven hundred and fifty acres lying and being in the County of Bedford on both sides of Elk Creek a north branch of Otter River and is bounded as followseth, to wit, Beginning at Pointers in Callaway's line thence off North twenty Degrees West one hundred and twelve poles to a red oak North seventy eight Degrees West two hundred and thirty two poles to a white oak North forty degrees West fifty two poles to a chestnut oak South seventy six Degrees West one hundred and eight poles to ??? oak South twenty nine Degrees East sixty six Poles to a white oak South forty Degrees West ninety four Poles to a white South fourteen Degrees West forty four Poles to a red oak South sixty three Degrees East sixty four Poles to Pointers South nineteen Degrees East one hundred and thirty eight Poles to Pointers South forty seven Degrees East forty Poles to a red oak in Callaway's line thence on the said Callaway's line North forty Degrees East one hundred and six Poles to his corner hickory South eighty five Degrees West one hundred and ninety four Poles to a chestnut North twenty five Degrees East two hundred and sixteen Poles to the first station. With all To have hold To be held Yielding and Paying Provided in Witness Witness our Trusty and welbeloved Francis Fauquier Esq. our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburg under the seal of our said Colony the twenty sixth day July one thousand and seven hundred and sixty five in the fifth year of our Reign.

Francis Fauquier

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