Below is a series of articles written by Mr. Roy E. Bottoms and published in the Forsyth County News (GA) in Aug/Sep of 1974. Mr. Bottoms chronicles the lives of some of the descendants of Enoch Bramblett, Sr. There is a lot of good family information provided along with good insight into how life was during these people's lives.

The only note that I make here is regarding the information in the first paragraph of the first article -- this information (in red and italics) looks to have come from Meeks Halley Bramlet's book A Pioneer Family - Bramlet. Much new information has come to light since Meeks published his book in 1924 and much of it has been since Mr. Bottoms published these articles in 1974. With the information currently available, Enoch is considered to descend from William, Henry Sr, William Sr.

Permission to reprint these articles was received from the Editor at the Forsyth County News by another family member. They are provided here as published. I have changed the format to standard paragraphs, instead of newspaper columns, for easier reading and have provided links to the photographs.


History of Bramblett Family (Part I)


The first Bramblett of the Forsyth County Line was William Bramblett who came from England in 1743 and settled in Virginia. The name of his wife is not now known but he did have nine sons and no daughters and we only have limited information on them. Their names were Benjamin, Joseph, Abraham, John who was born May 13, 1764, Henry a soldier of the Revolutionary War, Enoch born in Virginia and migrated to South Carolina and later to Georgia, James born in 1762, William Jr. and Reubin born March 15, 1757.

The children of Enoch Bramblett, who came to Georgia to live, were Joel, Enoch Jr. born March 1, 1797 and died July 30, 1884. James, John and Newton. Enoch Jr. had one son William Henry who was born March 8, 1825 and died March 26, 1906. William Henry had one son, William L. Bramblett who lived on Highway number 20 at the foot of the Sawnee Mountain for years and moved to Atlanta, Ga. in the early 1920's. He was married to Iris E. Edwards an orphan who was reared by Wash Tribble and this man lived at the Jack Tatum Place and ran a large country store for many years. This Tribble was an uncle to Dr. P.W. Tribble Sr. of Cumming. The children born to William L. Bramblett were William Berry, Lillian, Lilah and Ferrell. James Bramblett, son of

Enoch Bramblett Sr. who was the first one to come to Georgia, had four sons, Miles died in Oklahoma, Joel moved to Alabama, Henry and Riley Bramblett who who was born 1818 and died in 1885. Joel Bramblett had two sons, Joseph Henry born 1835 and died 1881 and Frank A. No other information is available on the two sons.

James Riley Bramblett was born in Forsyth County, Georgia insofar as we can determine. He was married to a Margaret Roberts on 2-7-1841 and to this union were born the following children, Cicero C., Dr. Martin Truman, Georgia Ann and James Abel. His first wife died and he was married to a Cinderella Salter Bolin in the year 1860.

The census record of 1860 which was enumerated 6-5-1860 on page 129 list the following data on the family. James Riley Bramblett, a farmer aged 41, Cinderella age 25, James A. 17, Cicero C. 13, Georgia Ann 10, and Martin Truman age 7. Cinderella Bolin had been married prior and her two children were listed as Mary Bolin age 7 and Narcissa age 3. The children born to Riley and Cinderella Bramblett were Josie, Martha, Nancy. Victoria and Minnie.

Riley Bramblett was a farmer in Forsyth all of his life and many of his line still live in the county. He is buried in the cemetery at Friendship Baptist Church and the grave is on the far end from the church which seems to have been the starting of the cemetery. It had a gravestone for years but such has been broken and possibly removed from the area. This writer attempted to locate his grave on several occasions and was unable to do such. He was buried near the Edwards Plot and to the South a short distance.

The Bramblett families have been prominent people of the county down through the angles of time and they have been active in the Friendship Baptist Church and many of them are buried at this church. (Writers Note: Part II will be devoted to Dr. Martin Truman Bramblett and his family and there will be a part on each of the families of James Abel and Cicero C.)


Dr. Bramblett Charged $1


Dr. Martin Truman Bramblett was born 4-28-1853 and he was the youngest child of Riley and Margaret Bramblett. He was married on 4-14874 to Mary Idiana Hawkins, who was a daughter of Frederick ("Fed") Hawkins. Fed Hawkins was a minister and served Friendship Baptist Church for 34 years, served as county ordinary of Forsyth County for several times and he represented the county in the State Legislature.

Dr. Bramblett grew up on his father's farm and he graduated from the old Atlanta Medical College (now the medical division of Emory University) in the class of 1885. At the time of his graduation he had been married 11 years and had three children. He would farm during the summer months and then attend school, his wife and children lived on the farm the year around.

When he was in medical college, he would come home when he could, and he would ride the train to Buford, Ga. and walk from there to his home. When he graduated he had 85 cents in money and he did not have any equipment for which to begin his practice. This was long before the days of paved roads in the county or automobiles and all of his house calls were made with a horse and buggy. His charge was $1 per house call and he gave them their medicine.

Dr. Bramblett lived on what is known as the Bramblett Road and he had a two story frame house in which he and family lived. His office was a small frame building directly across the road. This house was torn down in the late 1920's by his son and a new one story frame dwelling replaced such. Dr. R. H. Bramblett lived here and carried on his practice during his lifetime.

The children of Dr. Martin Bramblett were Nora, born 10-17-1875 and died 3-6-60; James C. born 3-19-1887 and died 1945; Artie born 7-28-1882 and died 4-2-1911; Rader H. born 10-5-1886 and died 12-16-1952; Joel Thaddeus born 8-3-1889 and died 10-25-1924; Corbett born 12-16-1892 and died 10-29-1969; Nettie B. born 9-15-1895 (she is the only living member of the family); Samuel B. born 6-23-1889 and died 2-6-1901; Truman A. born 12-18-1878 and died 3-7-1959. Dr. Rader H. Bramblett was married to Ida Garrett on 12-18-1905; Truman was married to Lula Vaughn on 12-26-1897; Nora was married to a Jessup Holbrook; Corbett married Bessie Hurt; James C. married Genny Vaughn; Nettie married George Heard and Thad was married to Naomi Sams; Artie was married to James A. Holbrook on 6-21-1897.

Three of the sons pursued the field of medicine for their profession. Dr. James Cicero finished at the Atlanta Medical College in the class of 1908 and he set up practice at Ducktown and then went to Crabapple, Ga. (Old Milton County) and he moved to Pocasset, Oklahoma where he spent the remainder of his life in his profession.

Dr. Rader H. Bramblett finished at the Georgia College of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery in the class of 1916 and he came back to Forsyth County and set up his practice. After the death of his father he purchased the old home place and lived there, and used his father's old office across the road. He has a son Dr. Rupert Bramblett who finished at the Medical College of Georgia in the class of 1944 and he has offices in Cumming, Ga. This son has been active in Masonic activities for many years and has served as Grand Master for the State of Georgia.

Dr. Joel Thaddeus ("Thad") graduated from the College of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery (Atlanta, Ga.) in the class of 1911 and he practiced at Coal Mountain and at Matt (both of these hamlets are located in Forsyth County). He later went to Amber, Ok. and practiced there until his death in an auto accident on 10-25-1924. Truman Bramblett was a farmer and he lived in South Georgia, Corbett was a farmer, George Heard who married Nettie was a farmer and so was James Holbrook who married Artie. Nora, who married Jessup Holbrook, lived in Florida.

Dr. Martin Truman Bramblett died on 11-28-1911 and his wife Mary Indiana (Hawkins) Bramblett who was born 9-13-1855 and died on 11-18-1911. He and wife are buried at Friendship Church and so is Dr. Rader H. and his wife.

(Writer's Note: Part III will cover James Abel Bramblett and family, he was a brother to Dr. Martin Bramblett and they were the children ot Riley Bramblett.)


Brambletts Were Involved In County


James Abel Bramblett, the first child of Riley and Margaret (Roberts) Bramblett was born April 8, 1844 and he died on Jan. I, 1927. On March II, 1866 he was married to Armenda Redd who was born Dec. 18, 1848 and she died Jan. 4, 1922. Her mother Mahulda Redd was born on 9^-1829 and died 12-22-1931 and she was a member of the Friendship Baptist Church for 84 years, having joined in 1847. Abel Bramblett who was known as "Abe" grew up on his father's farm in Forsyth County and entered the War between the States between 1861 and 1865. After his discharge from military service he came home and had a large family. His home still stands and it is off highway 20 and on the road that comes back into the Drew Road near the Ebb Tallant Store.

This was a prolific family as many were in those days and one dozen children were born from this union. Some of them lived on in Forsyth County and some of the daughters married men who moved to other counties. Catherine who was born 5-18-1873 and died on 6-25-1945 was married to a Robert K. Heard on 8-23-1891. He was born on 1-16-1871 and died on 10-5-1962. He was a farmer most of his life and they are buried at Coal Mountain.

Margaret Mahulda who was born 2-26-1867 and died 2-12-1926 was married to a Jasper Newton Smith on 3-30-1887. He was born on 3-30-1861 and died on 5-9-1924. They reared a large family and moved to Atlanta in the 1920's and both are buried at Friendship.

Martha Octavia was born 1-14-1869 and died 11-17-1947 and she was married to Elzia Tollison on 8-27-1886, he was born 9-19-1866 and died 12-20-1955. They lived at Smyrna, Ga. for years and he traded in real estate and they are buried at Friendship.

Vada L was born 4-13-1875 and died 8-9-1899, she was married on 2-28-1890 to Perry Petty and they lived near Ball Ground, Ga. They had some children and we did not learn the names of them.

James Jessie Walker Bramblett was born 3-11-1871 and died 1-19-1951 and he was married to Mary S. Holbrook on 2-26-1890. For many years he lived at Eastman, Ga. and worked as a salesman and after retirement he came back to Forsyth and lived with his sister Fleeta.

Alfred Edward ("Edd") was born 12-27-1882 and died 11-17-1963 and he was married to Pearl Phillips on 12-24-1899, she having been born 8-5-1878 and died on 5-21-1934. He was a prominent farmer in the county and took an active part in the political affairs for many years.

George Washington was born 11-15-1885 and died on 11-23-1970 and he was married to Velvie Tribble (a sister to Dr. P.W. Tribble, Sr.) on 2-9-1908. His wife Velvie was born 7-27-1890 and she died 4-11-1969. In his early life he was a farmer in the county and later served for many years as tax commissioner of Forsyth County.

Maude Estelle was born 7-24-1888 and she is the only living member of this pioneer family. She was first married on 1-9-1905 to Joel Thomas Hill (he was a grandson of the original Joel Heard who settled at Heardville and it is from him which the hamlet gets its name). After Hill's death she was married to John Abner Stewart on 12-28-1916.

Arboth R.was born 1-24-1891 and died 1-12-1964 and he was married on 12-25-1909 to a Mac Sams, daughter of the late Jack Sams. There were 11 children born to this union and he was a farmer and at one time taught school in the county at Friendship and Bethlehem. He was a county police officer for a number of years and during his later years he moved to Buford, Ga. and served as city clerk for the city.

Fleeta Azalee was born 12-20-1877 and she died 12-18-1958. She was a teacher in the Forsyth County School System during her active years and she taught at the old Friendship School for many years. She taught the father of this writer at one time at the old Matt School when he was a young boy. After her mother died she built a house on Highway 20 and her widowed father lived with her until his death. At some later date after retiring, her brother Jessie came and lived with her. She was never married.

Two of the sons died in youth and their names were John Henry and Thad Pickett. Their dates of birth and death were not available.

(Writer's Note: Part IV will appear next week and it will be on Cicero Cronin Bramblett who was a brother to James Abel Bramblett and a son of Riley Bramblett born in 1818 and died in 1885.)


Brambletts Were Big Farmers


Cicero Cronin Bramblett was the second child of Riley and Margaret (Roberts) Bramblett and he was born 8-2-1847 and died on 5-9-1933. He was married to a Mary E. Thomas on 2-12-1869 and she was born 1-13-1859 and died 4-28-1938. Both are buried in the cemetery Pleasant Grove Methodist Church.

The census record of 1850, family page 431, lists James Riley Bramblett, born in Georgia and age 32, wife Margaret age 31, James Abel age 6, Cicero C. age 3, and Georgia Ann age 1/12. The youngest of the children by this first marriage was Dr. Martin Truman Bramblett and he was not born until 1853.

Cicero Bramblett was a farmer in Forsyth County all of his life and he lived off the road going from the home place of Dr. Martin Bramblett toward Burnt Bridge and on the road that leads to the left beyond the Quinton Gilbert Home. To this marriage were born one son and seven daughters.

Eller Bramblett was born 6-18-1870 and she was married to a Jim Hammett on 10-25-1889 and they moved to Oklahoma and she died there in the city of Eufaula and no other information was learned about this family.

Bell, who was born 3-7-1872 and died 12-11-1945 was married to H.W. Holbrook on 8-9-1891. He was a farmer and they had a large family and they lived on the road going from Cuba toward Frogtown. Several of their children live in the county at this time. Most of you will recall her husband by the name of Willie Holbrook.

Delia was the third child, born 9-13-1883 and she died in Marietta, Ga. and the date of her death is not known. She was married to a Perry C. Hawkins, son, of Frederick M. Hawkins and Samantha (Brannon) Hawkins on 12-27-1890. Perry C. was a Spanish-American Veteran and they were the parents of the late Judge Harold Hawkins, who served as judge of the Blue Ridge Court Circuit from 1931 until 11-30-1948. On the latter date he was appointed to the Supreme Court of Georgia and he served with distinction as a jurist until he retired on 12-30-1960.

John R. was the only son and he was born 4-11-1877 and died on 3-8-71. He was married to Minnie Robertson on 8-8-1899. She was the oldest child of John William Hill and Martha (Bottoms) Robertson. He was a farmer in Forsyth County for a number of years and he owned what is now known as the Sam Rouse farm, going from Cuba toward Frogtown. In about 1920 or 1921 he sold the farm and moved to Smyrna, Ga. and to this union were born some 10 children.

A son Earl R. Bramblett went to Detroit, Mich. when he was a young man and went to work for the General Motors Corp. and worked in the plant for some 10 years and went from there to the personnel office. He later became director of labor relations and then vice president in charge of the personnel staff. He helped hammer out many labor contracts with the late Walter Reuther. He is now retired and lives in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Dora was the fifth child and she was married to the late Henry L. Hurt on 12-3-1900. She was born on 3-18-1880 and died on 3-18-1911. Her husband was a tax collector for Forsyth county for many years and he was in the mercantile business in the county and then in Cumming for a number of years.

The sixth child was Ellen who was born 3-21-1883 and died on 1-2-1964. She was married to a Tom Hurt on 4-13-1902 and they had a number of children and most of them are living. This family lived on a farm going West from Matt and it was not far from Frogtown.

The seventh child was Ardeltha who was born 6-18-1886 and died on 11-2-1917. She was married to a Walter Monroe of the county, son of the late Bright Monroe on 8-4-1906. Two children were born to this union, Otis and Scott. This family lived on a farm and carried on a farming operation.

Flora Bramblett was the eight child and the youngest of the group. She was born 7-28-1892 and she is the only living member of the family. She was married to a Rose Holbrook on 11-3-1908 and he was a farmer during his lifetime.

The fifth child of Riley and Margaret Bramblett was Georgia Ann and she was born in 1850, date of her death is not known. She was married to a John C. Samples 2-7-1889 and it was learned one daughter was born, Ethel and she was married to a Claude Redd.

(This concludes the histories of the Bramblett Families).

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