Ambrose Bramblet

Bedford Co, VA
Deed Bk. C 3
pg. 149-150
May 24, 1768

Ambrose Bramblet of Bedford Co., VA of the one part and Andrew Thompson of the said county on the other part Witnesseth that the aforesaid Ambrose Bramblett for Diverse Good Causes and considerations him thereunto moving but more Especially for and in consideration of the sum of Thirty five pounds current money to him the aforesaid Ambrose Bramblett by him the aforesaid Andrew Thompson in hand Paid the receipt whereof doth hereby acknowledge and him self satisfied Contented and paid hath granted, sold Alien'd En???sed and confirmed unto the said Andrew Thompson his Heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns One certain Tract or Dividend of Land Lying and being in the said County of Bedford on the Branches of Tom a hawk creek of Blackwater and bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a Red Oak and White Oak at Callaways corner in his former survey ...... Containing one Hundred Fifty acres be the same more or less ...... with all houses woods and waters with all other profits and improvements of what Mater or Kind unto him the aforesaid Andrew Thompson.....In Witness whereof the aforesaid Ambrose Bramblett hath here unto set his hand and seal this day and year first above written.

Amrose Bramblett [LS]

Memorandum that on the twenty fourth day of May One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight Peaceable and Quiet Possession of the Land and premises wherein the Deed Mentioned was had and taken with Livery of Seisen of the same by the within Mentioned Ambrose Bramblett and by him delivered unto the within Andrew Thompson unto the only use of him the aforesaid Andrew Thompson his Heirs and assigns forever According to the True Intent and Meaning of the within Written Deed.

Ambrose Bramblett (LS)

Recorded May 24, 1768

Teste Ben Howard CBC

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