Death Certificate for Mary J "Polly" Sitliff Bramlett

Mary "Polly" was the wife of Greenberry Bramlett. He descended from Henry Newman/Tilithia McIntire, James/Jane, Enoch Sr, William/Elizabeth, Henry Sr, William Sr. There seem to be a discrepancy between the birth date noted on the death certificate and her age as shown in the census records. In 1870, she is listed as 17 (b. c1853); 1880 she's 31 (b. c1849); 1950 she 51 (b. c1849); and in 1910 she 60 (b. c1850). It's not unusual to find such discrepancies, just thought I would note it here. Also note her father's name is Tom Sitliff. This is the first time I was aware of her maiden name. It also lists her burial place as "Jones Chappell" Cemetery in Forest Pak, GA. Just goes to show how much information can come from one of these documents.

Provided by Betty Watson.

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