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W. B. Bramlett


Sarah Allen Crisp

Family Record
W. B. Bramlette and Sallie A. (Sarah Allen) Crisp were married 6 Feb 1873
S. C. Reid and Alma E. Bramlett were married 14 Feb 1895
W. P. Thomason, Jr. and Lida Elizabeth Bramlett were married 11 Oct 1900
E. D. Braksdale and Eugenia Bramlette were married 4 Feb 1904
Ernest Bramlett and May Mahaffey were married Aug 16 1905
Clarence Bramlett and Rosa Wright were married Jul 21 1908
Erskine T. Babb and nannie Downs Bramlette were married Oct 11 1911

W. B. Bramlette was born 4 Apr 1848
Sallie A. Bramlette was born Sep 11 1849
Iola Jane Bramlette was born Jan 11 1874
Alma Estelle Bramlette was born 17 Dec 1875
Lidie Elizabeth Bramlette was born May 24 1878
Ida Eugenia Bramlette was born Mar 31 1880
William Ernest Bramlette was born Oct 3 1881
Nannie Downs Bramlette was born Dec 19 1883
Clarence Edgar Bramlette was born Dec 23 1885
Mary Aileen Bramlette was born Mar 15 1888

Departed this life on 3 Jun A.D. 1888 Mary Aileen Bramlette aged 2 months and 19 days
Departed this life Dec 2 1913 Clarence Edgar Bramlette aged 27 years, 11 months and 9 days
Departed this life May 26 1932 Ida Eugenia Barksdale aged 52 years, 1 month and 26 days
Departed this life Oct 13 1932 Bess Bramlette Thomason (Lidie Elizabeth) aged 54 years, 4 months and 19 days
Died on 26 Apr 1909 W. B. Bramlette aged 61 years and 22 days

Note: William Beverly Bramlett was a son of William Rutherford and Sarah Elizabeth Potter Bramlett. b. Laurens CO, SC

From Records From Family Bibles, A pamphlet from SCC/DAR.

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