Margaret Bramlett Gober's Obituary

Margaret (Bramlett) Gober's obituary in the 8 July 1853 issue of Southern Christian Advocate indicates she was born in 1776 and lived in South Carolina in 1792-93 -- she joined Bramlett Methodist Episcopal Church in Laurens District then, when she was about 16 years old. (The 1850 U.S. Census for Jackson Co., Ga., indicates she was born in South Carolina.) The obit also indicates she married William Gober and was the mother of some children:

"Died, near Harmony Grove, Jackson co., Ga., May 30, Mrs. Margaret Gober, wife of Wm. Gober, in her 77th year. It was in S.C., on the Saluda circuit, at Bramlet Church, under the ministry of the Rev. James King, and more than sixty years ago, that she joined the M. E. Church as an anxious seeker of religion, and two weeks thereafter found peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Without any reserve, she then made a full surrender of heart and life to the cause of Christ; and that solemn covenant was ever after, to the time of her departure from earth, most strictly observed. The ordinary means of grace, religious conversation, private and social prayer, she highly valued, and her very soul feasted upon the Scriptures. And only last year 'in age and feebleness extreme,' she was at the altar receiving the emblems of the broken body and shed blood of her dying Lord, and truly did she feed upon him by faith in her heart. Sister G. was very warmly attached to the peculiarities of Methodism, such as the class-meeting and love-feast; and she always hailed the return of those gracious seasons as times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Possessing an unusually sweet voice for singing, she was not only blessed herself, but also added much interest to those joyful occasions. Nor did she neglect her duties at home to husband, children and servants. Her last illness originated from a severe cold that settled on the right gland of the throat; it was protracted and peculiarly distressing, as it disabled her from talking, made it difficult for her to eat, and even to breathe. With Christian fortitude and resignation of the will of her heavenly Father she bore all with a patience of which none but a child of God is capable. A short time before her death she said to one of her daughters, that she had seen many trials in the world, but that they were about over, and she was almost gone, and when it was the will of God, she did not care how soon. When the time of her change came, she fell asleep in Jesus.

W. J. Cotter."

Margaret's children, all having the surname Gober, are Permilia "Milly," born c 1806-08; Alsey L., c 1810; Henry Bramlett, c 1811; Jessie Lee, c 1812-14; Clarissa, c 1815-16; Christian Catherine, c 1817-18; and Susannah, c 1819. Their birth years are estimated from census data.

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