Bible Record of William and Jane Bramblett (Bramlitt)

of Darlington/Sumter South Carolina




Printed by Mark and Charles Keern

His Majesty's Printers

Caroline Ann Bramlitt was Born February the 9 - 1804 and departed life December the 11 - 1854

Harriot Callaway Bramlitt was Born the 8 day of April 1805

William Ballard Bramlitt was Born on Wednesday the 25 of March 1807

Jane McKinzia Bramlitt was Born Friday the 16 September 1808

James Hennery Bramlitt was Born Wednesday the 15th of November 1809. Departed this life in Chastn SC the 5 May 1826

Elkanah Buford Bramlitt was Born ... ... night the 21 of August 1811

Liza Mary Bramlitt was Born Wednesday night the 10 of March 1813

Jane McKenzia Bramlett died of the flux on Saturday night the 17 of December 1814 being Six years two Months and 30 Days old when she died

Andrew Jackson Bramlitt was Born on Wednesday night the 17 of January 1816

Lyddia Bramlitt was born Friday the 6 of February 1818 [This entry was crossed out]

Mattildey Jane Bramlitt was born Friday the 6 of February 1818

Permeley Hancock Bramlitt was born Saturday the 26 of July 1820

Emmoline T Bramlitt was born Tuesday the 26 of March 1822

Sarah Moriah Bramlitt was Born Wednesday the 25 of November 1824

Hariet Peclor 6 mile from Saulsbury has a brown Mare for sale $120

Washington Leonard Bramlitt was Born Monday the 16 of March 1829

James Madison Bramlitt born the 5 day of July 1836

Nepolian Bonepart was born on Sunday one o'clock PM the 15 of June 1845

Eleneia [This entry was crossed out]

Elenna Elmore was born the 15 ___ 1846

William Bramlitt was in the year 1774

Jane Bramlitt was born the 19 day of February 1786 departed life on the 17 of February 1862

Mary Groshon was born May 15 - 1784

The above are Bible Records that were copied approximately 30 years ago. Upon comments from Charles Farmer that a Marion Beasley might have some Bramblett information, I pursued the idea and was able to talk to him. Indeed he had Bramblett information, he had the Bible Records of William and Jane Bramblett that lived in the Darlington/Sumter area of South Carolina that belonged to his cousin, Lucille Bradham of Bishopville. He stated that he copied them verbatim, errors and all. During the telephone conversation, he told me the names of the children and since I had researched the early Bramblett history, I was amazed at the names he had given me. They were names I had researched earlier. Mr. Beasley was not aware of the early Bramblett history so he did not know the scope of what he had given me. This was a link with the Bedford, VA Brambletts.

Dale Molina
Great Great Great Granddaughter

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