Enoch Bramlett Personal Property Tax Exemption Petition

White Count[y] Ordy 1888
In Rem
Enoch Bramblet
Application for
Exemption of Personalty

Filed in office Oct 16th 1888
W. B. Bell
White County}
To the Honorable W. B. Bell Ordinary of said county.

The petitioner of Enoch Bramblet a resident of said county showeth that he is the head of a family consisting of himself his wife Esther E Bramblet aged 55 years and four minor children to wit: John T. Bramblet aged 17 May 30th 1888 Robert Thadius Bramblet aged 16 March 21st 1888 Joseph Love Bramblet aged 9 Nov 21st 1888. And the following dependent females Miss Orpha Dillard aged 58 and one child named William [Dillard] and Aminsa [America?] Dillard aged 21 years both dependent on petitioner for a support. Petitioner desires under the constitution of Georgia and laws made from time to time in pursuance ther[e]of an exemption of personalty and that he shall have all the binefits of section 5216 of the code of Georgia of 1882 that is the Exemption shall be good against old debts as well as new ones since the constitution of 1877 and that the following is a complet[e] list of all the property owned by petitioner to wit:

Homestead Record
Household and Kitchen furniture
Four bedsteads worth worth $12.00
" beds and bedding " 6.00
1 Doz chairs " 5.00
crockery cooking utensils &c " 2.00
one mare 12 or 14 years old flea bitten gray " 75.00
one colt horse sorrel 5 months old " 50.00
one sorrel horse colt 6 months old " 50.00
one cow white & red 8 years old with calf same description sucking calf " 15.00
one cow red and white spotted white sucking calf cow 7 or 8 years old worth " 25.00
Ten head hogs consisting of one old sow and the rest shoats worth " 25.00
four head sheep " 5.00
One watch silver worth 15.00

Which is an accurate description of the personalty belonging to petitioner. Petitioner further showeth that the following is a correct list of his creditors with their post offices
J A Richardson as adminis of C. L. Williams decd Nacoochee, Ga.
Wherefore petitioner pays the usual citation as required by law and that said personalty be exempted as required by law and petition will ever pray &c
Oct 16th 1888.
Enoch Bramblett
J.J. Kinsey
Pett's atty.

White County}

In person came Enoch Bramblett before the undersigned and on oath says that the statements contained in the foregoing petitioner are true that the schedule containes a minute and accurate description of all the personalty owned by applicant at the time of making this application and that the list of creditors thereto attached is correct and complet[e] and their post offices correctly given so far as they are known to applicant.
Enoch Bramblet
sworn to and subscribed before me this Oct 16 1888}
W. B. Bell Ordinary

White County}
Personally came before me the undersigned Enoch Bramblet who upon oath says that he has given notice in writing personally to Joseph A. Richardson Admr of C. L. Williams decd of the filing of his application for homestead and exemption and of the day of hearing the same and that said notice was served by him on the 17th day of Oct 1888.
Enoch Bramblet
sworn to and Subscribed before me this Nov 2n 1888.}
W. B. Bell Ordinary

Ordinarys Office
Oct 16 1888.
Enoch Bramblet having made his application for exemption of personalty it is Ordined that citation do issue as required by lay
W. B. Bell Ordinary.

Notice published and written notice to J. A. Richardson as admins C. L. Williams to be served by E Bramblet This Oct 16 1888.
W. B. Bell Ordy.

White County}
Ordinarys office Nov 12th 1888.
In the matter of Enoch Bramblet application for exemption & Homestead it appearing that a notice thereof has been published two weeks in the Clarkesville Advertiser a news paper published in Clarkesville Georgia and whereas no objection have been made to the proceedings nor to any part thereof: It is ordered by the court that the schedule of the personal property of said Enoch Bramblet be and the same is hereby approved and ordered to be recorded in the office of the clerk of the superior court of said county and that said property so described and valued be and it is hereby protected from levy and sale as provided in such case made and provided
W. B. Bell

Recorded Jan 7th 1889.
J. P. Osborn C.S.C.

Transcribed by Fannie Mae Baker

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