Rev. William Bramlett's Obituary

(This obituary was published in the Southern Christian Advocate  23 Sep 1870)

     REV. Wm. Bramlett, a local minister of the M E Church, South, departed this life at his own residence in Greenville Co, S.C., on the 29th July, 1870.  Brother Bramlett was born July 2d 1786.

     For 70 years, lacking 6 months, he had been a most consistent member of the M.E. Church, and a local preacher about 50 years.  Sometimes employed by P. Elder to supply pastorial charge, always abundant in labors. The church he truly loved, and for the promotion of the Redeemer's kingdom, he most faithfully labored for three score and ten years, till called from the church militant "to the general assembly and church of the first born, which are written in heaven."  His last words were, "I am happy! happy! happy!"

                 J. C. Crisp

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